Marvel Has a Secret Skottie Young Project Page... What Are They Hiding?

Marvel Has a Secret Skottie Young Project Page… What Are They Hiding?!

Tuesday night. After 11PM here in the Midwestern United States. In England, home of Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston, it's after 4AM. But that didn't stop Rich from popping into the Bleeding Cool bullpen to demand that someone cover this breaking story, and that they do it tonight! Time is running out!!! "Oi!" Rich said, […]

Thought Bubble Debut: Matchbox Murder Mysteries – #TBF14

  Who: Nana Li What: Murder Matches! A tiny match box sized mystery. Carefully examine everyone's statements to complete the picture! Can you figure out whodunnit?? Why: It was so much fun to do this project and I couldn't have done it without my great friend Steve Cook. His writing brought a whole new dimension to the characters. I love them […]