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Scream Factory Releases Coming Soon: ‘Man’s Best Friend’ and ‘Mole People’

Scream factory has two very different but very awesome releases coming to their catalog soon. First is the 1993 animal horror “classic” Man’s Best Friend, starring Ally Sheedy and Lance Henrikson. This will feature a new 2K scan of the film and a new commentary with director John Lafia. More importantly a classic sci-fi/horror film […]

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Shout Factory TV to Air Tons of Holiday Programming, Including on Twitch

Shout Factory TV is here to rescue your holidays, as they will be streaming tons and tons of classic Christmas themed episodes of TV programs, along with films and even Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes and a Yule Log. If you haven’t seen their Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, I highly recommend it. Along with […]

Review: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents: The Lost and Found Collection

A lot of the library of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is basically on-loan to the show through the use of publishing rights from different companies and owners. Because of this weird relationship, a number of the episodes they recorded in the show’s original run between Comedy Central and the original Sci-Fi Network are not available […]

Mystery Science Theater 3000 ‘The Gauntlet”: A Cheesy Marathon of Mayhem (REVIEW)

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) have long claimed Thanksgiving as a day for their show, dating back to turkey-day marathons on previous channels. With Netflix successfully rebooting the series, they delivered a brand-new experience to fans this past weekend of six new episodes designed to be binged in what was called as “The Gauntlet.” Jonah […]

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Unveil Their Turkey Day Marathon Plans

The traditional Turkey Day marathon from Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming next week, but the gang revealed today you’re getting second helpings. First, Shout! Factory will be running the good ‘ol traditional  Turkey Day marathon with classic episodes hosted by Joel Hodgson. During that marathon on Sunday, you’ll be getting a sneak peek to the other […]

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) Returns to Netflix in November

It looks like Netflix is keeping a new-found tradition of bringing Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) back for Thanksgiving. Season 13 of the riffin’ series will premiere on the streaming service/studio on November 22nd, 2018.  This will ALSO mark year 30 for the show, an impressive feat. EP Joel Hodgson told The AV Club: “Thirty […]

Review – Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Singles Collection

Back when Shout! Factory announced that they were producing the last volume of Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s run of original DVD releases, we kind of assumed that the last bit of business they might be taking care of is the work on the old Rhino sets. Turns out, we were wrong! Last week the company […]


The Weekly Static S01E15: Harley, Happy!, Walkers, And More!

I’m the king of recap, there is none higher, so sucker MC’s should probably call me “sire.” To burn my kingdom, you must use fire, but I won’t stop rockin’ till…The Weekly Static! Now while I work on getting my cockles up to a respectable level of warmth, take a minute to check out your… […]

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Netflix Renews MST3K For Season 2 – We’re Getting More Movie Sign!

In what can best be described as a “good news/bad news” proposition, Netflix has renewed bad-movie-roasting comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return for a new season. That’s great news for MST3K fans, who are set to be treated to a twelfth season of the series in the “not-too-distant future. For Jonah Ray‘s Jonah Heston, […]

Watch The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon 2017 Today

Wondering what to watch on Thanksgiving? Mystery Science Theater 3000 has got your back. Below is the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon for 2017, set to run for most of the day, and we’re pretty sure will be available to watch after it’s done running live. Just in case you needed to spend today with some […]


The Weekly Static S01E13: HBO, ROH, NFL, LOTR, MST3K, And More!

Get ready to turn up the lights in here baby…extra bright, I want y’all to see this. Turn up the lights in here, baby…you know what I need. Want you to see everything…want you to see all of the lights…of The Weekly Static! But before we get started and with a bucket of apologies to Kanye West […]

MST3K Will Return With Another “Turkey Day” This Thanksgiving

No matter what kind of MST3K fan you are, I think we can all agree that we all could use a serving of movie sign with our Thanksgiving meal. In the now time-honored tradition of all things Mystery Science Theater 3000, Joel Hodgson will host a Shout! Factory sponsored Turkey Day Marathon. The event will […]


Castle Talk: Rifftrax’s Bridget Nelson And Mary Jo Pehl Share Their ‘Deadly Instincts’

This week, the Castle Talk team talks to comic duo Bridget Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl on their new Rifftrax releases: The 1968 short Farm Family in Summer, and the 1997 Alien-ripoff-college-exploitation-fake-Boston remake thriller Deadly Instincts. Listen here: Listen on YouTube: Check out the Deadly Instincts trailer: Castle of Horror Podcast Links: Join us over on Facebook to chime […]

That’s No Iceberg! We Review ‘Cinematic Titanic: The Complete Collection’

For a brief period in time, long after Mystery Science Theater 3000 had been retired (but before it was resurrected), there were two prime movie riffing options from the original crew involved with the show. The first and more well-known was Rifftrax, but the second one was a lovely piece of gold called Cinematic Titanic. […]

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Kevin Murphy Talks Riffing, The Five Doctors, And The Legacy Of MST3K

Kevin Murphy portrayed robot Tom Servo on Mystery Science Theater 3000 for 10 years, has written bestselling books on films, and contributes to NPR as a movie commentator. Now as a member of Rifftrax, he’s doing a live show in August, a comedy show built around the 1983 special episode of Doctor Who: “The Five […]