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‘Mouse Guard’ Film Stopped By Disney 2 Weeks Before Production Start

Sounds like fans of Mouse Guard are going to have to wait awhile longer for the possible film project to happen, as Fox’s new parent company Disney has halted the start of production indefinitely. We say indefinitely because according to The Hollywood Reporter, the word is in fact “scrapped”. THR says that just two weeks before Mouse […]


Bolivar Tips The Scales In Its Favour For Kids Book Of The Year

To be short, because you’ll want me to be: if you have kids, Bolivar should be bought. To be long, if you are a human being with young humans that you look after and care for there is a children’s comic book by Sean Rubin published by Archaia called Bolivar, and it really should become a purchase that you make […]

BOOM! Studios #RoadtoSanDiego Announcement #9: A Mouse Guard Movie!

The end is near for the #RoadtoSanDiego, but just when I thought things couldn’t get more exciting, I discovered BOOM! Studios ninth announcement. David Petersen’s hit series Mouse Guard from Archaia is becoming a movie! This may be the most exciting news yet, well at least it is for the fangirl inside of me. I adore the series, and […]

A David Petersen Fall: Wind in the Willows & A Mouse Guard Collection

Currently David Petersen is busy sharing bits and pieces of Wind in the Willows with us to build excitement for the books hardcover release in October. Yes, there will also be a Mouse Guard coloring book to look forward to, but there’s more! While the leaves are falling we’ll be grabbing tons of Petersen works. A very exciting hardcover collection […]

There’s Still Time To Pre-Order Mouse Guard’s Lieam & Sadie Plush

David Petersen tweeted to followers yesterday that there’s limited time to grab the Mouse Guard plush, and you’re not going to want to pass these up. Take a look… You can pre-order them separately if you have a favorite mouse for $22.50, or you can grab the set for $45.00 which comes with a map. Here’s a bit […]

Mouse Guard Meets Gotham: David Petersen Talks Gotham Academy #17

Tomorrow brings the release of Gotham Academy #17, which is also the final chapter of their “Yearbook” ARC. Maps and Olive are put to the test as they try to assemble the perfect yearbook. Much like David Petersen’s Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard, this issue will bring together a few different creators to tell […]

The Mouse Guard World Expands WIth Coloring Books And Plush

Mouse Guard is an incredibly memorable comic from Archaia written and illustrated by David Petersen. Earlier today we got some exciting news on behalf of the series, and it involves crayons and stuffed animals! Yep, that’s right…a Mouse Guard coloring book is on the way. Some plush will be available too. I have to say, the idea of a coloring […]

If It Isn’t Weasel War, What Is It? Tell Us David Petersen.

I’m talking to you David Petersen. The wildly talented creator of Mouse Guard has been sharing some progress on social media, but it isn’t for Weasel War! When I chatted with him back in October, that was the next project on the list after Wind of the Willows. Whatever it is, I’m sure that it will be great. But if we […]

A “Snowy Valentine” For The David Petersen Fan In Your Life

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and you might find yourself scrambling for a sweet gift. No, not chocolates, but something that will last a bit longer. Mouse Guard creator David Petersen’s book Snowy Valentine, just might be the perfect answer for you. I’m a huge fan of Petersen’s art style, and the cover of this book alone makes me feel […]

David Petersen Gets Specific About His Wind In The Willows Project

It’s easy to be drawn to David Petersen’s classic style. Every comic he works on is high quality. Recently he’s been working on a Wind in the Willows project, and he has shared bits of his progress on social media. Today he tweeted… Pretty specific, huh? It’s good to know that the project is moving forward, because after this […]

Build Your Own Mouse Army: A Mouse Guard Paper Craft For Fans

It’s not hard to fall in love with David Petersen’s epic Mouse Guard tales. They’re so much to love about the stories, but the character designs are what really drew me in initially. Earlier today I discovered a different part of the website, when Petersen tweeted out a few pictures like this. Even looking at it […]

A Treat For Fans Of Mouse Guard: 288 Pages Of Sketchbook Greatness

Earlier today, David Petersen shared this: The book is said to include commissions, Free Comic Book Day covers & promotions, plus 30 pieces that have never been collected in the sketchbooks. The price point is a reasonable $15.00 so if you’re a fan of Mouse Guard, which I am, this is a great investment. For more information […]

Danish Artist Draws Portrait Of Mouse Guard Creator David Petersen

Thought Bubble…Art Bubble…it’s all happening very far away from my desk in New Jersey. Just knowing that all of those brilliant people are in one space makes me miss all of the adventures I had at NYCC ’15. Therefore, I must live vicariously through attendees who share things on Twitter. I found this tweet by Mouse Guard creator David Petersen, to […]

The Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set 2nd Edition Is Out Next Week

Are you a fan of Mouse Guard? Did you know that there’s a Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game? Well, there is, and the much-anticipated second edition of the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set by David Petersen and Luke Crane is releasing next week. This updated edition of the Origins Award-winning game contains new art, additional […]