mother russia

Mother Russia #1 Review: A Fresh Premise With Not-So-Fresh Elements

It's Stalingrad in 1943, and instead of the waning days of World War II, it's the apocalypse itself. The dead have risen and are swarming the streets of the city. A woman, an infamous sniper known as Mother Russia, picks the innumerable horde off one by one until she spots a small child wandering through […]

Lone Wolf And Cub Meets The Zombie Battle Of Stalingrad – Mother Russia Comes To FUBAR

Alterna Comics is putting out their latest iteration of the zombie historical war comics FUBAR series in April, set in the Battle of Stalingrad in1943. Mother Russia #1 out in April sees female soviet sniper, Svetlana Gorshkov, discovers a perfectly healthy baby boy, slap bang in the middle of zombie apocalypse. The series has shown us the war […]