They Can’t Get Akira Going, So Warners Shoot For Bleach Instead

It’s not too surprising that Masi Oka is better known as an actor, and best known as Hiro in Heroes, because his behind-the-scenes work in special effects, even on big tentpole pictures is, by its very nature, behind the scenes. His backstage work doesn’t end there, however, as Variety are crediting him as the man […]

Marvel And Disney/Pixar Book Release Dates For Unknown, Surprise Movies

Put on your deerstalkers, Little Bleeders, as we’re going into the mystery zone. Disney have announced three new release dates for as-yet untitled pictures, two of them under the Marvel banner, and the third from Disney/Pixar. All three are scheduled for 2014, with Marvel Mystery Film 1 leading the pack on May 16th, The Disney/Pixar […]

No More Fairytales From Disney? Not So Fast…

Disney buffs across the world are going crazy over a single comment published by The LA Times this weekend. Here it is: The studio’s Wednesday release of Tangled, a contemporary retelling of the Rapunzel story, will be the last fairy tale produced by Disney’s animation group for the foreseeable future. They were moved to make […]

Terry Pratchett’s Mort To Become A Disney Animation?

Bleeding Cool have recieved a tip-off that Ron Clements and John Musker, directors of The Princess and the Frog, Treasure Planet, Aladdin and other Disney animated features, are working on an adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Mort. If you don’t know the novel, here’s the official blurb from Pratchett’s site: Although the scythe isn’t pre-eminent among […]