Iceman #1 cover by W. Scott Forbes

Iceman #1 Review: A Very Welcome Return

Iceman is back and stopping Hell’s Kitchen from getting lit up by a madman with Molotov Cocktails! After finishing that, Bobby finds a missing persons poster for a Morlock. He takes it to Kitty, who says she’ll get him a team. The team ends up being just Bishop, but that’s enough. Bobby and Bishop go […]

Jermaine Rivers

The Gifted: Jermaine Rivers Bought A Bat After Landing Shatter Role

Bleeding Cool Contributor Abdulkareem Baba Aminu writes: The character Shatter was introduced in Marvel’s Morlocks #1 by Geoff Johns and Shawn Martinbrough in 2002, a member of the Postman’s Chicago branch of Morlocks. When Shatter learned he was a mutant, he attempted suicide using his father’s gun, but his new invulnerable skin caused the bullet […]