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Capcom Unveils New Monster Hunter World DLC: Iceborne Trailer

Capcom Unveils New Monster Hunter World DLC: Iceborne Trailer

As part of Sony's State of Play stream today, Capcom unveiled a new trailer for Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne DLC. Iceborne was announced four months ago, but details on the expansion have been rather slim since. While today's trailer included some familiar bits from the initial teaser, we also got more information on the expansion's story as […]

The Witcher's Geralt is Now Live in Monster Hunter: World

The highly anticipated The Witcher and Monster Hunter crossover has come to all Monster Hunter: World players who have reached Hunter Rank 16 or above. The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia is now live in MHW, and is again voiced by Doug Cockle in the English version of the game, so Capcom's version of Geralt should feel familiar for fans of CD […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Tops PlayStation's Downloads Chart for 2018

Sony has released the top 100 downloads of 2018, and while Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was only released for the last few months of the year, Activision's latest shooter managed to rocket straight to the top of the charts. From the PlayStation Blog: And here we are. The PlayStation Store download charts below reflect a […]

The Witcher's Geralt Joins Monster Hunter World Next Month

The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia is coming to Capcom's Monster Hunter World, and now we've got a date for exactly when the infamous Witcher will start adding the Rathalos to his bestiary alongside the Leshen and Cockatrice. Geralt is coming as a free update to Xbox One and PS4 Monster Hunter World players on February 8th, 2019. […]

New York Game Awards: Red Dead Redemption 2 Leads with Six Nods

The New York Video Game Critics Circle are hosting their Video Game Awards later this month, and have put several of this year's hottest titles up for their Game of the Year award. God of War, Monster Hunter: World, Marvel's Spider-Man, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are all being honored by the New York Critics Circle, though Red Dead […]

Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best RPG

With 2018 officially over, we've finally crowned our Best RPG of the year. But first up, your nominees: Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee Assassin's Creed Odyssey Monster Hunter World Vampyr Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Octopath Traveller Dauntless And the winner is… Assassin's Creed Odyssey! Our staff votes were tied for first and second […]

Assassin's Creed is Collaborating with Monster Hunter: World

Worlds will collide as Ubisoft and Capcom have come together for an Assassin's Creed crossover event with Monster Hunter: World. The two will kick off an event next month starting on January 10th that will see Bayek's Layered Armor and the Assassin's Hood be added to the game as obtainable armor. The event will be limited to consoles […]

The Witcher and More Will Be Coming to Monster Hunter World in 2019

An interesting partnership has taken place between CD Projekt Red and Capcom this week, as Geralt from The Witcher comes to Monster Hunter: World. The news came down this morning on The Witcher's official Twitter page, showing off Geralt be thrust into the new world from a portal and none too pleased to be there. […]

Monster Hunter: World on PC Will Soon Be Getting Lunastra

Capcom released details of a cool update on the way for the PC version of Monster Hunter: World as Lunastra will be added to the game. The elder dragon is set to pose a major challenge that will require all hands on deck as you'll need to work as a team to bring down this […]

Kenwood Experiences Produced a Monster Hunter: World Tournament

A little bit of awesome news for fans of Monster Hunter: World as Kenwood Experiences produced an esports tournament for the game. We're a little confused as to why the company chose to wait nearly a month to make this much more public. In fact, we're really curious why it took them this long to talk about it in […]

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Capcom Releases Monster Hunter: World on PC Today

Today you can start tracking down monsters on Steam as Capcom releases Monster Hunter: World onto PC. Those of you who decided to wait this long to get the game will have the benefit of receiving everything that's been released for it up to this point, as well as some bonus material that we've mentioned […]

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for August 7-13, 2018

We have a number of video game releases out this week, with everything being a pretty decent mix of new titles, re-releases, and indie flair. Check out our complete list of releases below, choose your video games wisely, and as always: have fun! August 7th Dead Cells (PC, PS4, Switch, XB1) Defenders of Ekron – […]

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Monster Hunter: World Has Now Sold Over 8 Million Copies

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter: World has sold a massive 8.3 million copies across all channels. Monster Hunter: World is an interesting success story for Capcom. The series had made its name most prominently on the handheld market in Japan, where it's been one of the biggest franchises for years. Until January, that popularity wasn't quite […]

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Monster Hunter: World on PC Won't Have Mods or Cross-Platform Play at Launch

Capcom producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has said that Monster Hunter: World on PC won't feature mods or cross-platform play, at least at launch. Monster Hunter: World remains one of the best games of the year. The title really captured old and new fans alike, remixing and beefing up the formula to more powerful machines than usual. It did […]

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Capcom Confirms Monster Hunter: World for PC Releasing in August

After having their specs leaked over the weekend, Capcom decided to push their release info up for Monster Hunter: World on PC this week. We now know the game will officially be released on August 9th. The company also released a bunch of photos from the PC version of the game along with an announcement […]

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The PC Specs for Monster Hunter: World Have Been Leaked

If you believe the latest tweets to be shared online, you have some time to prep your PC for Monster Hunter: World as the specs have been released. Down at the bottom, we have the initial tweet that leaked the info as they posted a series of screenshots showing off the requirements in order to run […]

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Monster Hunter World Won't Be Ported to the Switch, Says Capcom

Capcom has said in a shareholders meeting that people should stop asking for a port of Monster Hunter World as it isn't possible. Monster Hunter World has been one of the most asked for ports for the Nintendo Switch since it came out. It makes sense too. The portability of the console is huge in the […]


Final Fantasy XIV is Getting a Monster Hunter World Crossover This Summer

After giving us a nice sizzle reel of the new content added in Patch 4.3 Under the Moonlight, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIV will get a Monster Hunter World crossover this summer. We don't know a whole lot about the crossover, but it's sure to be very, very interesting. This will be the first non-Square Enix […]

What's in the Box?!: Loot Gaming – May 2018

We're nearing the end of May, which means we're going to start seeing many of our subscription boxes arrive at the door this month. The first one we got for May was from Loot Gaming, with what appeared to be a thinner box than normal. So we cracked it open to see what they sent […]

How Would You Like a Better Version of Ryu's Armor in Monster Hunter: World?

Back when Capcom threw in the Ryu armor for Monster Hunter: World to make yourself look like the Street Fighter character when you equip all the pieces, it was a hunk of junk that did little for you defensively and a lot more for you cosmetically. This time around, the developers are putting the armor […]