The Effects of Marauders and Moira On Upcoming Dawn Of X

As you may have seen in the Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, the sales on Marauders #1 were high. It's gone to a very pretty looking second printing, and I'm told the same is true for other upcoming #DawnOfX titles Excalibur and New Mutants coming (and yes, it is neat that X-Men, Marauders, Excalibur and New […]

Blizzard Devs Nerf Moira In "Overwatch" After Community Complaints

It appears Moira players are going to be cursing the Overwatch community as a whole for a while after public outcry got the hero nerfed. It all started a while ago when the devs decided to give her a bit of a buff to her fade ability, which is basically a quick teleport in any […]

Moira Officially Gets Added To The 'Overwatch' PTR

Less than four days after being revealed to the public at BlizzCon, Overwatch developers have officially added Moira to the PTR servers for players to try her out and see how she plays. Judging by the forums alone, most fans are already high on the character and were hoping it wouldn't be a long delay […]

Getting More Backstory On Moira From 'Overwatch'

The internet is buzzing about Moira being added to the Overwatch roster, even though only those at BlizzCon have had a chance to play as her an experiment with her abilities. For those of us impatiently waiting for her to hit the PTR servers, we got a nice treat in this brief backstory behind the […]

Blizzard Reveals The Next 'Overwatch' Hero: Moira

Blizzard just wrapped up their opening ceremony at BlizzCon and in the process, introduced a ton of material they'll be discussing this weekend. The big announcement coming out of Overwatch was the addition of a brand new hero in Moira. Blizzard sent out an extremely brief bio describing her as a "life-draining geneticist" who, as per […]