Red Sonja #20 cover by Babs Tarr

Red Sonja #20 Review: Decent Leads Held Back by an Underwhelming Plot

Red Sonja and her allies have found Lord Skath, the previous owner of her sword. She asks why he hasn’t retrieved his blade in the past, and Skath explains what he has done in the time since losing it. He wants to take his land back from the man who took it, Sandak. Red Sonja, […]

Savage Tales: Vampirella One-Shot Cover by Robert Hack

Savage Tales: Vampirella #1 Review – Dumb, Bloody, B-Movie Fun

Vampirella finds herself in a strange land with no memory of how she arrived there. Worse yet, a band of barbarian warriors have arrived to give her a not-so-warm welcome. She fights them off and learns of the powerful sorcerer whom controls the barbarians. She sets her sight on the sorcerer’s kingdom and the violent […]

Leandro Oliveira’s Process Art For Pathfinder: Origins Cover

We have a really nice process art piece to kick off the week. This is the cover to Pathfinder: Origins #4 by Leandro Oliveira and colorist Mohan. This is the B cover. The issue is written by James L. Sutter and drawn by Oliveira. In the sadistic land of Nidal, the god of torture reigns, […]