“Octopath Traveler” Prequel Has An English Version Coming

It looks like Square Enix are already preparing to have Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha appear in the west after some screenshots popped up this week. The company has been answering tweets from users who have questions about the upcoming mobile release on the game’s Twitter account. The most recent, which they said would be […]

SEGA Reveals "Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020" For Mobile

SEGA Reveals “Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” For Mobile

While SEGA and Nintendo may be doing an Olympics title for console, SEGA will be bringing Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 to mobile. If you’re thinking you’re just getting a SEGA version of the console game, think again. This is a different take on the title with games meant to be played in […]

"Ingress" Is Getting A New Gameplay System With NIA Field Tests

“Ingress” Is Getting A New Gameplay System With NIA Field Tests

It looks like Niantic is going to be giving Ingress a brand new spin of sorts as they’ll be testing out new gameplay elements with NIA Field Tests. Starting on September 14th, specific cities around the globe will be taking part in a specific test event system where you’ll have a short timespan to hack […]

The X-Men Phoenix Five Come To "Marvel Future Fight"

The X-Men Phoenix Five Come To “Marvel Future Fight”

A new update has been added to Marvel Future Fight, bringing in some new X-Men as they do battle against the Phoenix Five. The three characters joining the fray are Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, and Kid Omega, along with Phoenix Five-themed uniforms for Agents to collect. You also get a new area in the Danger […]

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Pixowl Announces “The Addams Family Mystery Mansion” For Mobile

Poxowl announced this week that they have a new mobile game on the way called The Addams Family Mystery Mansion for iOS and Android. The game is based on the new animated film coming in October, and will be a player-centric world-building game with its own storyline and activities. But what exactly you’ll be “doing” […]

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SEGA Announces “League Of Wonderland” Mobile Game

SEGA announces a brand new mobile game on the way next month just before PAX West, as League Of Wonderland will be coming to iOS and Android. Based on the Wonderland Of Wars series, they are currently conducting open beta tests in Indonesia, Philippines, and Canada. More will be held in India, Singapore, Brazil, Vietnam, […]

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Bandai Namco Announces “Naruto X Boruto Ninja Tribes” For Mobile

This morning, Bandai Namco announced a brand new mobile game coming to iOS and Android as we’re getting Naruto X Boruto Ninja Tribes. Working with Crunchyroll Games, the game will be playable across multiple platforms from smartphone and PC browsers to iOS and Android devices. As for the game itself, all we know right now […]

"Mario Kart Tour Races" Will Launch On Mobile In Late Setptember

“Mario Kart Tour” Will Launch On Mobile In Late Setptember

Nintendo announced this morning that they will officially release Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android on September 25th, 2019. You can pre-register for the game starting today via the AppStore and Google Play. The game will allow you to play on totally new courses that span the globe such as NYC, Paris, and Tokyo to name a few. […]

Jam City & Disney To Release "Frozen Adventures" Mobile Game

Jam City & Disney To Release “Frozen Adventures” Mobile Game

Some interesting mobile gaming news from D23 this weekend as Jam City and Disney will be releasing Frozen Adventures this November. The game is, of course, tying in with the sequel that’s due to come out later this year. But it’s a puzzle game, so no plot, just shiny gems for you to clear out. […]

Annapurna Interactive Reveal “Telling Lies” Release Date

Annapurna Interactive Reveals “Telling Lies” Release Date

Annapurna Interactive released new details over the weekend about the release of Telling Lies, as it’s coming out a lot sooner than expected. The game will be coming to PC on Steam, as well as iOS and Android on August 23rd, with pre-orders happening right now on App Store. The game was developed by Sam […]

More Details Come About About "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" Fan Fest

More Details Come Out About “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” Fan Fest

Niantic has released a few more details this week for the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival happening in Indianapolis this month. Among the events taking place is that players will be dealing with Dragons for the first time ever while participating in a unique Special Task to be unveiled at the event. There […]

Crunchyroll Games Launches "RWBY: Crystal Match"

Crunchyroll Games Launches “RWBY: Crystal Match”

Crunchyroll Games officially launched their latest endeavor with Rooster Teeth as RWBY: Crystal Match comes to iOS and Android today. This is a free-to-play jeweled puzzle mobile game with a match-three style, based around all three seasons of the show RWBY Chibi. With eight different characters and about 1,000 levels to play through, you’re going […]

"Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes" Comes To Mobile Next Week

“Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes” Comes To Mobile Next Week

Some cool news from Steel Crate Games today as their hit indie game Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes will be headed to mobile next week. The game puts you and a friend in a situation where one is focused on the bomb while the other person has a manual of how to defuse it, with […]

Pre-Registration Begins This Week For “Pokémon Masters”

This week, The Pokémon Company and DeNA officially opened up pre-registration for Pokémon Masters on both Google Play and the App Store. On top of this fun news, the company has released six new videos on YouTube showing off the game. We have all of those videos here for you to watch as you can […]

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“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” Adds Sanrio Character For Short Time

Starting on July 11th, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be offering Sanrio characters in the game, starting with Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll. Nintendo and Sanrio have partnered up for a limited time event where you can get some bonus characters visiting your camp from their properties, but there’s only a short time to pick them […]

"HQ Trivia" Lays Off Several Employees After Downturn And A Mutiny

“HQ Trivia” Lays Off Several Employees After Downturn And A Mutiny

Things aren’t looking up for the mobile trivia app HQ Trivia after the company has had some major losses and a failed mutiny against the CEO. TechCrunch is reporting that seven staff members were laid off last week following two major events for the company. The first of which is a major downturn in service, […]

We Check Out Everything Logitech Brought To E3 2019

Nintendo Shows Off Multiplayer Options In “Dr. Mario World”

Dr. Mario World will be coming out on iOS and Android devices on July 10th, but before that, Nintendo decided to show off what multiplayer will look like. The game will work a little bit like Tetris as when you clear viruses from our field, an attack bar will fill and viruses will be headed […]

LEGO Games Releases "LEGO Tower" Today For iOS and Android

LEGO Games Releases “LEGO Tower” Today For iOS and Android

Today LEGO Games officially releases their next mobile game, LEGO Tower, onto iOS and Android as a free game where you’ll need to do a lot of building. Developed by NimbleBit, the game will have you constructing towers and building the communities within them using the parts and resources available to you. Not to mention […]

N3TWORK Partners With The Tetris Company To Release "Tetris Royale"

N3TWORK Partners With The Tetris Company To Release “Tetris Royale”

We’re going to be getting another battle royale game for mobile as N3TWORK Partners and The Tetris Company will create Tetris Royale. Both companies made the announcement this week, as they will be developing a 100-player game for iOS and Android complete with competitions, tournaments, and leaderboards. Much like how Tetris 99 runs on the […]

"Pokémon Masters" Will Arrive On Mobile Devices This Summer

“Pokémon Masters” Will Arrive On Mobile Devices This Summer

Back in May when The Pokémon Company revealed Pokémon Masters, the company basically left it open-ended as to when we’d see the game. Today, developer DeNA released a brand new trailer for the game, letting fans know it would be coming on iOS and Android sometime this summer. New details have been added to the […]