Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Attend an Esports Tourney?

Trying to capture the energy and scope of an esports tournament is pretty difficult to capture in words, and often doesn’t translate to a stream properly as well. Streams usually only capture the broadcast segments and events on the main stage, and so they miss all of the chaos going around on the sides. Between […]

The 2018 ‘Call Of Duty’ World Championship Season Kicks Off Next Month

Major League Gaming will be presenting the 2018 Call Of Duty World Championship season with an open tournament happening in Dallas from December 8-10. Below are some of the details about the kickoff event taking place in about a week and a half, which includes teams competing for a prize pool of $200,000 and 25,000 CWL […]

The First MLG Rocket League Grand Finals Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

Watching many e-sports can be really tough. If you aren’t initiated, catching a game of Dota, League of Legends or Starcraft can be near impossible to follow. With that, I posit Rocket League. Not only is it one of the most insanely fun games to release this year, but it’s actually really easy to follow for […]