Microsoft Reportedly Laid Off Several Content Creation Employees

Mixer Introduces New Improvements To The Clips System

If you’re using Mixer and haven’t been satisfied with how the clips system works, no worries, that’s been given a new update by Microsoft. The company posted a new blog today highlighting all the changes they made to the clips system, including info on channel progression rank access, and how previewing and trimming have been […]

Microsoft Officially Launches The Mixer Academy

Microsoft Officially Launches The Mixer Academy

Microsoft launched a new aspect to the Mixer platform this week as streamers and viewers were introduced to Mixer Academy. Right now, all you have to do is visit this link with your Mixer account and check out the Mixer Handbook. It will give you a gist of how the Academy works before the launch, as it […]

StreamElements Research Shows Ninja Did Little To Help Mixer So Far

StreamElements, who work with all four of the major social streaming services we know, released new numbers that negate Ninja‘s move to Mixer. As we all know, Ninja made the move to the platform a few months ago, both for money and to find some freedom from Twitch’s system. According to a new infographic released […]

Ninja Slams Twitch Over Alinity Cat-Throwing Incident

It’s weird to see TwitchCon 2019 happening without Ninja involved, but that’s where we’re at, and after this week, probably never again. Earlier this year, the Fortnite player bailed on the social streaming platform for Mixer, which came with its own turmoil as adult ads suddenly found their way to his former channel. Aside from […]

Mixer Announces New Creator Program With Xbox Game Pass

Mixer Announces New Creator Program With Xbox Game Pass

Mixer has announced plans today to incorporate a new promotion to help their Partners get more money by pimping out Xbox Game Pass. You can read part of the blog below, but essentially, their latest program gives Mixer Partners a $3 kickback for getting people to sign up for Xbox Game Pass. That’s an interesting […]

Ninja Expresses Frustration Over Twitch's Advertisements on His Former Channel Page

Ninja Expresses Frustration Over Twitch’s Ads On His Former Channel

On Sunday, the popular Fortnite streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, vented his frustrations with Twitch’s handling of his former channel’s URL in a Twitter video post. Since his departure from the platform, Twitch has changed Ninja’s former home page to a channel recommendation list. This is out of the ordinary for the streaming giant. Often, when […]

Ninja Claims Mixer Move Wasn’t Just Financially Motivated

Ever since he switched platforms from Twitch over to Mixer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has basically been getting grief for taking a payday to move his stream. Game Rant has a story online today about how Ninja is continually being trolled over his move. At one point during his stream, Ninja watched a video tribute to […]

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Moves Over To Mixer As His Main Platform

Someone at Microsoft must have written a mighty big check as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced today he’s moving from Twitch over to Mixer. The Fortnite streamer revealed in both a press release and an official video (which we have below) letting fans know to head to the new location. Blevins will kick off his first […]

Microsoft Reportedly Laid Off Several Content Creation Employees

Mixer Addresses Digital Safety On Their Platform In New Post

Mixer released an interesting new blog post this week in which the staff address digital safety on their platform in regards to harmful content. In recent months there has been a new wave of content that, to be blunt, if it were found on Twitch or YouTube it would have been banned immediately. But because […]

Microsoft Reportedly Laid Off Several Content Creation Employees

Microsoft Reportedly Laid Off Several Mixer Employees

It appears Microsoft decided to cut back on resources this week as several employees are letting people know they’ve been let go, specifically from Mixer. The news is coming from GameDaily.biz, who caught wind on social media and from internal sources that several original content producers had been laid off this week. By all indications, […]

Streamlabs Unveils Creator Sites For Live Streamers

Streamlabs Unveils Creator Sites For Live Streamers

Streamlabs has unveiled a brand new website today as they’ve made Creator Sites, which is an integrated website-builder for livestreamers. The company essentially is branding this as “Shopify for Streamers”, as you’ll be able to integrate platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, and Instagram together into a personal website dedicated just to you and your […]

ToeJam & Earl’s Super Funky Telethon Happening May 26th on Twitch

ToeJam & Earl’s Super Funky Telethon Happening May 26th

HumaNature Studios announced today the ToeJam & Earl will be coming to a streaming service near you with their Super Funky Telethon on May 26th. Following the successful release of ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!, the developers will be talking about the game’s future including a 4-player co-op console update, the upcoming endless […]

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Mixer Announces Mixer Matchups Leading Up To E3 2019

As we make our way to E3 2019, Mixer has started their Mixer Matchups: Race To E3, as you will be getting tournaments around the clock headed to the convention. You can read more on the details here, but the short versions is that they will be holding esports tournaments in partnership with Smash.GG for […]

Mixer Officially Launches Mixer Channel Progression

Mixer Officially Launches Mixer Channel Progression

Today Mixer officially announced that it had launched a new program into their service for all users called Mixer Channel Progression. Essentially, the program allows users to “rank up” by doing simple things like watching feeds, chatting in the room, following people, and showing support in various ways. Mixer is basically trying to reward people […]

Mixer is Getting an AI-Powered Feature Later This Month

Microsoft is dropping a new feature into its streaming platform Mixer next month with Mixer Loot, which is an AI-powered way for players to earn in-game content for watching Mixer streams. Mixer Loot utilizes the same AI tech as Mixer HypeZone which is designed to detect fun and interesting stream events. Mixer Loot scans streams […]

Square Enix Has Disabled Streaming For Left Alive In Japan

It looks like Square Enix has decided to do a bit of damage control for Left Alive as they have disabled the streaming functions in Japan. According to reports coming out of Japan, like the one below from YouTube streamer Fei, the developers have cut off all ability to stream the game directly from the PS4. […]

Mixer Embers Are Now Available on Mobile, Coming to Xbox One and PC

Mixer has announced today that their latest project, Mixer Embers, is now fully functional on mobile and coming to PC and Xbox One next week. If you’re curious as to what exactly Embers are, they serve as a virtual currency on Mixer that you can buy and then spend on Skills, which include animated Stickers and full-screen Effects to […]

Xbox and Mixer Collaborate on New Stream Collider Program

This morning, Xbox and Mixer came together to announce a new collaboration called Stream Collider, which will be a new program of original content. The show will feature some of Mixer’s top content creators and streamers present new content in a weekly series, all livestreamed for the audience at home to enjoy as they broadcast. The […]

Rooster Teeth and Mixer Partner Up for RTX Austin 2018

If you’re looking for complete broadcasted coverage of RTX 2018, it appears Mixer has you covered with a new partnership with Rooster Teeth. Both companies announced that they would have complete panel coverage on the streaming service from August 3rd-5th, live from Austin, Texas. We have a quote and more info from Mixer below, but […]

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More Syncing and Interactive Updates Coming to Xbox One in the Spring

In the latest bit of news from Inside Xbox, the company announced plans for new features coming in the Spring, including a better access to share content to Twitter and a Share Controller to be added to Mixer to streamline the process. Below are some of the additions that Inside Alpha testers have access to […]