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A Cop Killing Rocks New York City in Captain America #16

The streets of the Marvel Universe's version of New York City will be thrown into chaos in November due to a cop killing in Captain America #16 by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jason Masters, Marvel's full November solicitations reveal. And as Captain America continues to fight to restore his good name after the events of Secret […]

Daredevil Annual #1 cover by Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Daredevil Annual #1 Review: The World Needs More Misty Knight Stories

We go back to the earlier days of Daredevil, when the Man Without Fear was still a fledgling hero and Misty Knight was still Detective Mercedes Knight. Detective Knight and her partner, Carmen Torres, have their night interrupted by a body falling out of a window onto the hood of Misty's car. Upon investigation, Knight […]

Marvel's Iron Fist Season 2: There's Something About (Typhoid) Mary in New Images

Early looks and the first official second-season trailer for Marvel's Iron Fist have Netflix fans cautiously excited for the upcoming season – and that's due in large part to the eagerly-anticipated introduction of Alice Eve as classic Marvel villain Typhoid Mary. Now the streaming service is giving us a look at Mary's deadly duality, using the show's […]

The Sentry #2 cover by Bryan Hitch and Marcio Menyz

The Sentry #2 Review: Complex Relationship with the Golden Guardian's Golden Age

Cranio, an old villain of the Sentry, has found his way into Bob's city within the Confluctor. He attacks the Sentress and begins immediately beating her down. In our world, Bob is manically searching for the Confluctor, unable to get into contact with either Doctor Strange or Iron Man. He goes to his old sidekick, […]

Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #3 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Roberto Poggi, and Dean White

Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #3 Review – Daredevil vs. Wolverine (Sorta)

Cypher is down and bleeding out. Frank McGee can save him, but he must get them back into their Inhuman transport ship. Misty Knight and Daredevil must hold off Wolverine (if it really is Wolverine). Unfortunately, this Wolverine is waiting for them on top of the ship. Daredevil and Misty are going to have their […]


Misty Knight Takes Center Stage in New Marvel 101

There have been a lot of stories this week about Marvel's Luke Cage, and there will probably be a lot more through the weekend because most of the regular network television has gone on summer break. But also because the Marvel/Netflix series have mostly been highly anticipated and well received by fans. (Yes, we remember […]

Netflix Releases Viral Video Ad for the Rand Corporation

Netflix loves to do viral marketing and they've come up with a new one for Marvel's Luke Cage, using the Rand Corporation from Marvel's Iron Fist. The new video is done up as an industrial ad showing the new arm Danny Rand (Finn Jones) has built for Misty Knight (Simone Missick) after she lost it […]

Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2: Our Best Look so far at Misty Knight's New Arm

We met Misty Knight (Simone Missick) in the first episode of Marvel's Luke Cage season 1 as she went into a club undercover to see what Cornell 'Cottonmouth' Stokes (Mahershala Ali) was up to. There she met Luke (Mike Colter) working as a bartender and the two of them ended up 'getting a cup of […]

Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2: Daughters of the Dragon

Netflix has released a new clip from the upcoming second season of Marvel's Luke Cage season 2 that features Misty Knight (Simon Missick) and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) having a drink together in a bar when the brother of a criminal Misty put away decides to pick a fight with her. This wouldn't go well […]

Falcon #8 cover by Jay Anacleto and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Falcon #8 Review: A Disappointing Ending to a Promising Solo Series

Falcon is overrun by Deacon Frost's vampiric hordes as he tries to fight his way to Patriot. Elsewhere, Misty Knight and Blade finish their business in the sewers and make their way towards Falcon and Patriot. The Patriot himself has managed a daring escape, but Deacon Frost is hard to avoid. This is the final […]

Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1 cover by Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Hunt for Wolverine Weapon Lost #1 Review: Solid Story Helped by Fantastic Art

Daredevil begins rounding up allies for his Wolverine investigation. This starts with Frank McGee, aka the Inhuman security chief known as Nur. After he convinces Frank, Daredevil moves onto his next recruit: Misty Knight. She leads the two men to the mutant, Cypher. Weapon Lost #1 focuses on bringing the team together as opposed to […]

Daredevil #601 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Jordie Bellaire

Daredevil #601 Review: The Rise of Mayor Matt Murdock

Daredevil escapes from custody with the unwilling help of a pair of Hand ninjas, and Matt Murdock returns to city hall. Wilson Fisk is still incapacitated, and, thanks to some laws from the last administration, Matt Murdock is the new mayor of New York City. He goes to work in helping the city fend off […]

Falcon #7 cover by Jay Anacleto and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Falcon #7 Review: The Series Seems to Have Lost Its Way

The Falcon is ambushed by a horde of vampires, one of which has the Patriot's mask. In the morgue, Misty Knight is attacked by the would-be corpses located within. Thankfully, Blade arrives to save Misty. The Falcon discovers that Patriot is being held by Deacon Frost, and Misty and Blade search the hives located in […]

Daredevil #600 cover by Dan Mora and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Daredevil #600 Review: A Climactic Twist to 'Mayor Fisk'

Daredevil and his allies assemble to spy on Mayor Fisk's criminal allies in the hopes of gaining enough information to depose the Kingpin. Things don't go quite as planned, and Daredevil leaves to confront Wilson Fisk once again. Elsewhere, Blindspot's battle with Muse is complicated by Sam's connection with the Hand returning to haunt him. […]

Falcon #1 cover by Jesus Saiz

'Falcon' and Miles Morales' 'Spider-Man' Cancelled in June

With Marvel's June solicits breaking today, two titles are notably absent from the lineup. Rodney Barnes' Falcon and the departing Brian Michael Bendis' Spider-Man (Miles Morales' book) are nowhere to be seen in the June output from the House of Ideas. Unfortunately, neither is especially surprising. The fan of the Falcon and Barnes' take on the character that I am, this book […]

Falcon #6 cover by Jay Anacleto and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Falcon #6 Review: Superhero Romance Done Right

Falcon is late for a meet-up with Misty Knight due to an attempted robbery of an armored car. Misty is losing patience for this, but the Patriot is too busy to cover for Sam. Little does the Falcon know that someone is working against him from the shadows. I'm so happy that Misty Knight is […]