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'Mission: Impossible – Fallout' Almost Went the 'Justice League' Mustache Route

We've now seen Henry Cavill's Mission: Impossible – Fallout mustache in all its glory in the sixth entry into the M:I franchise, but was it worth that CGI chin in Justice League? Turns out, at least according to director Christopher McQuarrie, that the production *almost* went with CGI-ing Cavill's mustache in order to allow the actor to shave it for Justice […]

Christopher Robin Brings In $1.5M in Thursday Night Previews

It's looking like the only Mission: Impossible this weekend is knocking the sixth installment of that franchise out of the number one spot. The box office for the first weekend of one of the weakest months in movies is rolling in and doesn't look good for the new releases. According to Deadline Disney's latest Christopher […]

Mission: Impossible fallout

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Review: Another Extremely Strong Entry in This Franchise

Mission: Impossible – Fallout continues the upward trend of the Mission: Impossible movies by featuring stunning action set pieces and an excellent story. Director: Christopher McQuarrie Summary: Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, along with some familiar allies, race against time after a mission gone wrong. The Mission: Impossible TV series always had a strong […]

PUBG Mobile Will Have a Crossover Event With Mission: Impossible Fallout

If you happen to be playing PUBG Mobile, you're about to get some new missions that one could say might be… impossible? Yeah, that was cheesy, we know. Tencent Games, the people who helped create PUBG Mobile has partnered with Paramount Pictures for a month-long event where the worlds of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Mission: Impossible […]

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Jeremy Renner Chose Not to Cameo in 'Mission: Impossible – Fallout'

The latter Mission: Impossible movies have been pushing for more of a team dynamic than a one man against the world type of movie and have improved for it. In fourth and fifth movie they introduced William Brandt as played by Jeremy Renner but fans were surprised to see that Renner wasn't making an appearance […]

[Review] 'Mission: Impossible- Fallout' is Fine, But it's No 'Rogue Nation'

There have been 6 Mission: Impossible films starring Tom Cruise now, and they continue to be landmarks in action achievement and stunts. There is no possible way to argue that point [DON'T @ US].  Chrisopther McQuarrie's handling of the franchise also cannot be overstated. First and foremost, I must say that Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation has been my favorite […]

Review: 'Mission: Impossible – Fallout' Explodes Out of the Gate

Mission: Impossible – Fallout continues a trend basically unheard of in cinema when it comes to film franchises – that of getting better film after film. Sure there are some sequels that are better than the originals, but to do so over six films in a row? Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt with his […]

Henry Cavill Wanted to Fight [SPOILER] in Man of Steel 2

Henry Cavill never gave up hope that a Man of Steel sequel would happen, and to be honest, he still hasn't. He HAS spoken a bit about what the sequel would have been like (from his point of view), and who he'd have liked to fight in the feature. In a recent interview with Fandom, Cavill named […]

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How a Broken Ankle Helped Mission: Impossible – Fallout

One would think that your star breaking a bone would be a horrible thing to happen on a set. While Tom Cruise breaking his ankle while filming Mission: Impossible – Fallout was by no means a good thing, director Christopher McQuarrie told Cinema Blend that it ended up working out really well for the production […]

mission: impossible - fallout poster

2 New Clips from Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Paramount Pictures has shared two short clips from the upcoming Mission: Impossible – Fallout. The first one is the beginning of the Halo jump stunt that we've been hearing a lot about. We see Henry Cavill's character pull out the oxygen tube for Tom Cruise's helmet, which is apparently something they didn't fake. Cruise was […]

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Gets a New IMAX Poster

The Mission: Impossible movies have always been larger than life. Between the stunts and the insane action set pieces it makes sense that if there was any series to see in IMAX it would be this one. Paramount Pictures has released a new IMAX poster for Mission: Impossible – Fallout which teases the helicopter stunt […]

mission: impossible - fallout poster

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Is Tracking for a $60M Opening Weekend

The summer season lumbers on into July. It's a year of big movies that are looking for even bigger box offices and Paramount Picture's sixth entry into the Mission: Impossible series is no different. According to Variety early box office reports are coming in and Mission: Impossible – Fallout is looking to bring in about […]


New Mission: Impossible – Fallout Featurette Highlights the Team

Paramount Pictures has released a new featurette for Mission: Impossible – Fallout which highlights the IMF Team. While the first three Mission: Impossible movies were enjoyable, they got a lot better when they walked away from the "one man against the world" angle and embraced a team dynamic. Between James Bond and Jason Bourne we […]

New Image from Mission: Impossible – Fallout Teases a Close Call

We have a new Mission: Impossible movie coming out this month, and all of the stunts and action scenes look like they're going to live up to the reputation of the series. This one also features a great cast and a bunch of new characters, including Henry Cavill. Cavill shared a new image from the […]