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Castle Talk: Alice Waddington's "Paradise Hills" Offers A Ghastly Future With Amazing Dresses

  Paradise Hills is Spanish fashion creative and photographer Alice Waddington's science-fiction thriller feature debut, in which Emma Roberts plays a girl who wakes up on an isolated island in a facility run by the sinister Duchess played by Milla Jovovich, to whom high-class families send their daughters to become perfect versions of themselves. Paradise Hills takes place in a […]

3 New Images From 'Hellboy', Including The Blood Queen!

That new red band trailer for Lionsgate's upcoming Hellboy reboot sure looked damn good. We've even got three official photos from it released by the studio! Last week, Hellboy's film rating was revealed to be a firey R, something that was backed up in the new trailer with uses of choice curse words. No boobs though. […]

Milla Jovovich's Nimue The Blood Queen from 'Hellboy' and More

Originally, Lionsgate was planning to drop their Hellboy trailer today (Thursday December 20th), but we were blessed a day early with Big Red and co smashing onto the internet. There were some pretty great shots of Stranger Things star David Harbour in his full makeup, designed this time around by Oscar winner Joel Harlow. Also, a beauty shot […]

Milla Jovovich Posts 'Monster Hunter' Movie Update

In case you didn't know, there is a film based on the Monster Hunter video game property coming, and Milla Jovovoich is one of the stars. It's part of the reason she didn't attend New York ComicCon earlier this month with her Hellboy co-stars, as she was filming Monster Hunter in South Africa. The actress posted a small […]

Monster Hunter Film Gains Ron Perlman, T.I. Harris

We already knew that Sony's film adaptation of Monster Hunter would be starring Milla Jovovich, and it would appear that Ron Perlman is the next name to join her. The film will take it's cues from the highly popular Capcom video game title of the same name [Monster Hunter], which has become the company's highest-grossing game to date. […]

Church Defends Letting Hellboy Film In Their Cathedral

The Hellboy reboot is currently filming but it turns out not everyone is very happy about one of the locations where they are filming. At the moment, they are filming at the Wells Cathedral but some people who worship at the 900 year old building were not happy about it, given the movie's Nazi and […]

Hellboy First Look

Sexy R-Rated Hellboy Reboot Gets January 2019 Release Date

Hellboy will be released on January 11, 2019. The announcement of the release date follows yesterday's first look at a sexy, shirtless David Harbour as the titular character. We didn't know we needed Hellboy to be sexy in this R-rated reboot, but after seeing it, we now can't imagine it any other way. Hellboy is […]

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Milla Jovovich May Be The Blood Queen In New Hellboy Movie

The upcoming Hellboy reboot film which may or may not be titled "Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen" may have just cast its lead actress and villain. Despite the report earlier this week the Hellboy film was dropping the "Rise Of The Blood Queen" subtitle, it would appear that's still more than likely the story the film will follow. Deadline just […]

Milla Jovovich On Resident Evil Reboot: "Okay, Well Good Luck With That"

Setting a new record but at the same time shocking absolutely nobody, news broke yesterday that we'll be getting a six film rebooted Resident Evil franchise just five days after the final film in the current franchise hit Blu-Ray (what took so long?). While no one has gotten a satisfactory answer yet to the question […]

Resident Evil Final Chapter Full Trailer — The End, For Now

This may be called the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, but I doubt it's premature to start waiting on a reboot. That aside, writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson picks it up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity's final stand against the undead. […]

Resident Evil English Trailer Heads For Paradise City — Or Is It Raccoon City?

While the Japanese trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter sought to be more thoughtful as Alice — played by Milla Jovovich — contemplates the end of her story, the new English-language trailer skips that reflection for Guns 'N' Roses as Alice heads home for one last fight. And for those playing along at home, […]

Milla Jovovich Vs Pierce Brosnan In The Spy Thriller Survivor

I love a good spy movie… I'm also a fan of both Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich. So to see a trailer with the two of them going head to head and then toss in Robert Forester, Dylan McDermott, Emma Thompson, Angela Bassett and James D'Arcy… you can just go ahead and take my money […]

Resident Evil: The Last Chapter Delayed

It was announced on Monday, on Milla Jovovich's facebook page that the filming of Resident Evil: The Last Chapter is going to be delayed. Jovovich and husband Paul W. S. Anderson are expecting a child. It's not sure exactly how long the filming will be delayed, but the movie was already in the early stages […]