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Eternity Girl #1 cover by Sonny Liew

Eternity Girl #1 Review: The Hero Who Couldn’t Die

Eternity Girl, also known as Chrysalis and Caroline, is a woman who can’t die. She has tried to make it happen many times. She used to work for an organization called Alpha 13, but after an incident, they took her off the roster. She has the ability to manipulate matter within a certain range, and […]

Weekly Crossover ‘Milk Wars’ Mashes Up Young Animal And The DCU In January

Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol may have experienced some technical difficulties with coming out on time in the past year, but in the case of announcements for Saturday’s Vertigo and Young Animal panel at New York Comic Con, the comic was early, for once. DC Comics accidentally leaked the press release early, revealing everything that will be […]