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Batman and Kite Man Walk Into a Bar in Tom King's Final Batman #85

At New York Comic Con, Tom King told Den Of Geek about his then-planned ending to Batman, "I think I still might do a scene. I really want to do a scene with Batman and Kite Man in a bar, just drinking beers. At Porky's bar, of course. I had a big debate, should it […]

Did Tom King Just Kill Off Kite-Man in Batman #84? Hell Yeah…. (Spoilers)

Today sees Tom King's penultimate issue of Batman, with Mikel Janin. Batman #84. And it's not about Bruce Wayne – not directly. Instead, it's the story of Thomas Wayne, the Flashpoint Batman, a man who lost his son at the hands of Joe Chill, a gunman on the streets of Gotham, and became a Bat. […]

How Did Bruce Wayne Kill Alfred Pennyworth? Batman #83 Spoilers

How Did Bruce Wayne Kill Alfred Pennyworth? Batman #83 Spoilers

Pennyworth is by far and away the best adaptation of a comic book into a TV show to date. A crazy remix of Michael Caine's Alfie and The Ipcress Files with both The Prisoner and The Avengers TV shows, as well as an alternate history that has more in common with Joker than with Gotham […]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics, Week of July 4th, 2018: From Hulk to Inhumans

It's a bit late again, and I didn't get around to doing it last week. However, the Top and Bottom 5 Comics is back again this week. What soared? What fell on its face? Let's find out together now! Best Comics of the Week 1. Immortal Hulk #2 Immortal Hulk kicked off with a hell of […]

Batman #50 cover by Mikel Janin

Advance Review: Batman #50 – Profoundly Unsatisfying [Spoiler-Free]

The day of Batman and Catwoman's wedding has arrived at last, and the two gather their witnesses and a judge to marry them off at dawn on a rooftop in downtown Gotham. While they prepare, Bruce and Selina individually reminisce about their times together, each other, and how their relationship has developed over the years. […]

Batman #49 cover by Mikel Janin

Batman #49 Review: A Chat Between Old Frenemies

Catwoman ambushes the Joker in the church. Batman is still incapacitated, so it's up to Selina to bring down the Clown Prince. The battle is swift and brutal, with Catwoman's stomach shot and Joker's neck slashed. Neither is in the position to finish the other off, so they do what they did in the old […]

Batman #48 cover by Mikel Janin

Batman #48 Review: Bachelor Party with Batman and the Joker

The Joker has once more returned. He has turned a temple into a mass grave, and he is waiting for one man, the one man for whom he always waits. He wants the Batman, and, from the Batman, he wants an invitation to the coming wedding. As is often the case in more recent comics, […]

Batman #44 cover by Mikel Janin

Batman #44 Review: Catwoman Goes Dress Shopping

Catwoman sneaks out while Bruce is asleep to go wedding dress shopping as only Selina Kyle can. While she does this, we are given snapshots at various points of she and Bruce's relationship over the years. Tom King delivers another fun one-off issue, this time focusing on Catwoman doing her own flavor of wedding preparation. […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of 04/04/18

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of April 4th, 2018: New Series Galore!

It's time for that time-honored tradition of a doofy guy with pretensions of being an expert on the subject telling you what comics you should look for at your comic shop this week. That's right, it's time to figure out what comics should go in your pull box on April 4th, 2018. For the full […]

comics - Dark Nights: Metal #6 cover by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascencia

Dark Nights Metal #6 Review: A Guitar Solo Celebration of DC Comics

The Justice League and their allies have been taken by the Nightmare Batmen. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl are wading through an army from the Dark Multiverse. Diana and Kendra manage to use their metal to awaken the League, and they soon find the demonic Hawkman keeping the Forge of Worlds dark. Soon Cyborg and Flash […]

Batman #43 cover by Mikel Janin

Batman #43 Review: Compelling Dive into the Character of Poison Ivy

Catwoman is face-to-face with Poison Ivy and learns that her latest ploy is, in part, fueled by the feeling of guilt of killing five men during the War of Jokes and Riddles. Meanwhile, Batman tries to get Harley Quinn to wake up and talk to her sometime partner, Ivy. I'm an easy sell on a […]

Batman #42 cover by Mikel Janin and June Chung

Batman #42 Review: Invasion of the Body Snatchers – but with Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy has taken over the world. Batman and Catwoman are apparently trying to test the limits of her hold over them, and Ivy responds with the Justice League in kind. With Batman #42, the plot kicks into gear, and we see what this arc is going to be like. While the premise as interesting […]

Batman #41 cover by Mikel Janin and June Chung

Batman #41 Review: An Intriguing if Thin Start to a New Arc

Batman awakens to the voice of Poison Ivy, and he immediately knows something terrible is happening. He knows he can't trust Catwoman and Alfred at the moment, and he makes it to the Batcave to inoculate himself and Selina. Soon enough, Ivy makes contact with Bruce through Alfred and reveals that she has achieved what […]

Justice League #33 Review: Cyborg Takes Back The Fight

*ties into the Dark Days: Metal crossover Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern have been taken by the Nightmare Batmen. Superman and Batman are missing in the Dark Multiverse. The fate of the Justice League now lies upon Cyborg, who has been taken apart and tormented by the Murder Machine and Batman Who […]


Love And War In Comics: Looking Back At Superman #28 And Batman #28

With some encouragement from Rich Johnston and Mark Seifert, I've decided to take a look back at comics I've reviewed from time to time to analyze some interesting themes that they may share or conflict upon. This past week's Superman #28 and Batman #28 both look at war in a way. They approach it in similar […]