Mike Morhaime

Mike Morhaime’s Last Day at Blizzard Set for April

In the middle of all the chaos currently happening with Activision and Blizzard, we now know the last day Mike Morhaime will be there. Blizzard’s co-founder and former president announced his departure back in October, but up until now we had no clue when he would officially leave the company. Now we know after the company […]

Blizzard Is Remastering The Original Starcraft

Blizzard has announced that they will be released a remastered version of the original Starcraft RTS game from 1998. The game the helped launch Esports. They’re updating the graphics to 4K UHD, they’ll have 13 supported languages, play on both LAN and On-line and run the classic campaigns. The game was announced earlier today by […]

Blizzard Cancels Titan After 7 Years Of Development

Blizzard Entertainment has a juggernaut that may be slowing down, it’s called World Of Warcraft. One of the most successful games of all time, but not nearly at the peak of popularity it once was. Perhaps the upcoming new expansion will bring folks back… but the question Blizzard has been asking for a while is, […]