Want to Break Into Comics? Midtown Want a Full-Time Marketing Associate

Want to Break Into Comics? Midtown Want a Full-Time Marketing Associate…

Midtown Comics has a problem. They need another fulltime marketing associate working at the New York comic store chain. Their problem is that previous hires keep making such good contacts within the comic book industry, that they end up being headhunted by the publishers. It’s not just Midtown Comics. JHU has a similar problem. I […]

When Someone In Midtown Comics Asks To Look At Your Portfolio, Let Them

CB Cebulski has spent a career at Marvel Comics travelling the world finding new comic book talent to work at Marvel Comics. Pick up a current comic and odds are it will be drawn by someone CB discovered – or is influenced by them. He has made careers with a recommendation. Currently working in Shanghai […]

Midtown’s Exclusive Variants For NYCC

Well, they are local… Here are a few of the exclusive cover comics that Midtown Comics will have at New York Comic Con. See more NYCC exclusives here….  Amazing Spider-Man #1 By Arthur Adams Doctor Strange #1 By Dave Johnson Grumpy Cat #1 By Steve Yu  Invincible Iron Man #1 By John Tyler Christopher Secret Wars […]

There Are Still NYCC Tickets Available At Midtown Comics… And No Line

It’s been a busy day at Midtown Comics Downtown in New York… they are selling the final round of NYCC tickets. This will be your last chance. Some have gone… 3-Day New York Comic Con 2015 Tickets at @midtowncomics are sold out. Please stay tuned for more updates. #NYCC pic.twitter.com/sOyjVc2LgC — New York Comic Con (@NY_Comic_Con) […]

Three Jobs Available In Comics In New York City

Firstly, Valiant Entertainment needs a Marketing & Communications Manager. Job Requirements • BA in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations or related field • 1 to 3 years of related experience in publishing or entertainment • Excellent writing and communications skills • An in-depth knowledge of comics and the broader pop culture landscape • Ability to think […]

The Secret Wars Variants Of Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics is running variant covers for every issue of Marvel’s Secret Wars series, and two others for spinoffs…. First up, Secret Wars #1-8. Each issue will feature multiple versions of the same character, pulled from different time periods and alternate realities. #1 – Cover by J. Scott Campbell featuring the Spider-Men (above) #2 – […]

J Scott Campbell’s Rocket Raccoon #1… (COLOUR UPDATE)

J Scott Campbell is working on a retailer exclusive cover for Rocket Raccoon #1, the upcoming funny animal comic by Skottie Young that will be outselling every other comic book in the direct market this July. But for this one, you’ll have to talk to Midtown Comics in New York or Limited Edition Comix in […]

Reasons To Move From New York To Los Angeles, Or Not. Here Comes DC-Day

Looks like Midtown Comics are showing their allegiances to the publisher staying in New York City, with their new delivery van. (UPDATE: No they’re staying neutral! I’m told from a reader “the other side of the Midtown truck has Batman and Superman on it. An image of Wonder Woman is on the back gate, and […]

Uber Exclusives Announced for Forbidden Planet & Midtown

Kieron Gillen‘s Uber #0 met with excitement and sell outs at its debut in comic shops one week ago.  Within hours of its release, the hard to find covers and variants were commanding a premium price online and the general call for a reprint was universally heard.  Avatar Press responded with the Uber #0 Enhanced […]

Marvel, Midtown And Subscription Services

Earlier this year, Marvel Comics moved its subscription service from specialist magazine subscription service Sun Belt to New York retailer chain Midtown. But it has not been without teething problems. A Little Bleeding reprted to Bleeding Cool about not receiving any comics for about a month, with multiple unanswered emails for the last few weeks. […]

So Who Is In The New Avengers Comic Anyway?

We gave you a glimpse at the weekend, courtesy of J Scott Campbell‘s pencils for his Avengers #1 Midtown variant, who might be in the new Avengers comic. Well, now courtesy of Marvel, comes the proper, official, actual issue one cover. And issue two cover. And issue three cover. So, that’s Captain America, Thor and […]

Friday Runaround – Dredd Friday

FataleWatch: Sean Phillips will be signing the first Fatale collection at Gosh Comics in London next weekend. There will be two hundred copies of this exclusive Fatale signing edition, with the bookplate (right) available… MangaWatch: Midtown gets some press on the basis that… women like manga. That’s right, in 2012, this is a story. Once […]

Thursday Runaround – Life In Hell Freezes Over

HellWatch: Matt Groening brings Life In Hell, the strip that inspired The Simpsons to an end after thirty years. The last “Life in Hell,” Groening’s 1,669th strip, was released on Friday, June 15. For the next four weeks, editors will have their choice of strips from Groening’s extensive archive before they close up shop in […]

Montasy Comics Changes Name Because Of Midtown Comics

The other week, Bleeding Cool reported that New York store Montasy Comics was to open a new outlet in Manhattan Midtown, going up against Jim Hanley’s and Midtown Comics. The location has now been confirmed on the second floor of 431 Fifth Ave on 38th Street. It is up the street from Jim Hanleys and […]

New Manhattan Midtown Comic Store To Open

It appears that Jim Hanley’s Universe and Midtown Comics are about to have a new neighbour. Montasy Comics in Forest Hills, NY (yes, the real life home of Peter Parker) is opening a new branch of their comic store in Manhattan. The Twitter feed @MontasyMidtown seems to confirm the rumour, with the location picture, to […]

Grace Randolph’s Between The Pages With Archie’s Fernando Ruiz

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5OSoJS0OrA[/youtube] Grace Randolph says “Wondering how to become a comic book artist? Host Grace Randolph talks to comic book artist Fernando Ruiz about his work on Archie Marries Veronica and Kevin Keller gets married, as well as Ruiz’s alma matter The Joe Kubert School for comic book art where he currently teaches! Aspiring comic book […]

The Only Avengers Vs X-Men Variant Cover I Want

Oh no. I want a variant cover. Worse than that I want a retailer variant cover. Worse than that I want an Avengers Vs X-Men variant cover. But on the other hand it’s this one. By Skottie Young. For Midtown Comics. Clicky for biggy. I will glady pay you Tuesday for one of these posted […]

And Finally… Marvel Widescreen At Midtown

  Can you make the above out? Hard I know. You might need to clicky for biggy. But if you really want a better look at this design by Ilias Kyriazis, it is currently both on display at Midtown Comics in New York…