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Midnight Special Review – A Ponderous Sci-Fi Alternative

Jonathan Rich writes for Bleeding Cool… The joke I made with other critics when leaving a screening of Midnight Special goes like this: “General Zod, Spider-man’s girlfriend and Marvel’s prepubescent ‘Dark Reign Cyclops’ walk into a bar,” but one of my colleagues wryly added, “then Kylo Ren walks in to figure out what they are […]

Midnight Special Review: A Heartfelt Road Adventure In The Starman Vein

Let’s start this off by saying that no small part of the fun of viewing Midnight Special will come from going into the theater knowing as little as possible about it. Leave it to say that it’s an entertaining road adventure with a young boy named Alton Meyer (played by Jaeden Liberher) who clearly has […]

Michael Shannon Protects His Extraordinary Son In Midnight Special Trailer

In the trailer for Warner Bros.‘s upcoming Midnight Special, Michael Shannon plays a father protecting his son from forces who mistrust his extraordinary abilities. What are they? The preview doesn’t say, but the film reunites Shannon with Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols, who looks to be confronting the fantastic in a startling way. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UU_CC81aGM[/youtube] Midnight Special […]

Michael Shannon Tries To Protect His Son In Startling UK Trailer For Midnight Special

Entertainment One has released a trailer for Midnight Special. The film stars Michael Shannon as a father looking to protect his son who is … telekinetic? A weapon? A god? With shades of Akira, the film comes from Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEx240-8sRA[/youtube] The film comes the theaters in the US on March 18th […]