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“Prodigal Son”: Now THIS is How You Sell Us on a Serial Killer Crime Series [OPINION]

If I was even remotely undecided about tuning in to watch FOX‘s Prodigal Son when it premieres on September 23, the recent behind-the-scenes first-look “From The Killer’s Perspective” had me instantly clearing my calendar and running to the supermarket for popcorn and possibly a security blanket. The previews have been almost bi-polar in nature. One […]

prodigal son

“Prodigal Son”: For Tom Payne’s Malcolm Bright, It’s Murder By Numbers… [PREVIEW]

With FOX having its time to shine during their time at the Television Critics Association (TCA) summer press event, viewers are getting a first-look preview for the upcoming crime procedural/serial killer thriller Prodigal Son. Starring The Walking Dead‘s Tom Payne (who replaced Marvel’s Iron Fist star Finn Jones (Marvel’s Iron Fist) as lead) and The Good Fight‘s Michael […]

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“Good Omens” & “Fleabag”: Amazon Prime Video Would Welcome Series Returns

If anyone was expecting a quiet Saturday out of Amazon Prime Video, then they were sadly mistaken. During their turn at the Television Critics Association‘s (TCA) summer press event, the streamer made a number of big announcements. Sci-fi drama The Expanse was given a fifth season pick-up months ahead of its Season 4 debut, while […]

'Good Omens': Costume and Set Designers Discuss that Long Cold Open

‘Good Omens’: Costume and Set Designers Discuss that Long Cold Open

The third episode of Good Omens, the Amazon series about a demon and angel who totally aren’t in love with each other at the End of Days, features a cold open that lasts a good 28 minutes. Seriously, 28 minutes go by before the opening credits even roll. In those 28 minutes, we see Aziraphale […]