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'The Walking Dead' Season 10: Michael Cudlitz Returns to Direct Episode 3

We haven't even finished wrapping up AMC The Walking Dead's current ninth season and already the buzz about season 10 is starting to guild. Taking a break from what we're hoping/assuming is work on the those three Rick Grimes spinoff films, Andrew Lincoln is set to direct an episode next season. Now comes word that […]

'The Walking Dead': Did Michael Cudlitz Confirm He's Playing Abraham Again? [VIDEO]

The Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz, current star of ABC's The Kids Are Alright and one who will be forever known for his turn as Abraham Ford in the AMC series, hasn't strayed too far from Robert Kirkman's franchise. Along with the much-funnier-than-they-have-any-right-to-be commericals for mobile AR game The Walking Dead: Our World, Cudlitz extended his professional […]

'The Walking Dead': James Woods' Man Tears Feed Abraham/Negan Team-Up

"Slott": A person or persons who excels at their given field (writing, acting, sports, etc.) to the point where they achieve a fanbase or following. Said fanbase/following convinces said person/persons that because they excel at their given field, that means everything they have to say on every topic – no matter how far out of […]

Andrew Lincoln Plans for 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Return

Just as we're getting ready to say goodbye to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) at some point very soon during the ninth season of AMC's The Walking Dead – hopefully alive and well and off to settle another community – comes word that Lincoln will be making his return to the long-running Robert Kirkman-created series next […]

The 'Fear the Walking Dead'/'The Walking Dead' Crossover You Might've Missed

Whether you're a fan of The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead or not, chances are you know that the two shows officially crossed over this year when TWD's Morgan (Lennie James) joined Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season – which also synched up the two show's timelines (at least for now). Fans were even treated […]

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Mary McCormack Cast in New 1970s Comedy Series from Tim Doyle

In Plain Sight's Mary McCormack has been cast to play the female lead opposite Michael Cudlitz in a new comedy pilot from Tim Doyle (Last Man Standing). The pilot will be written and executive produced by Doyle while Randall Einhorn will direct. The as-yet-named comedy takes place in the 1970s and focuses on an Irish-Catholic […]

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AMC Set To Reveal Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Link

In what would seem like a wise attempt to get ahead of speculation and spoilers, AMC took to their Twitter account early Friday morning to announce that the character who is set to either crossover or "bridge" The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead will be revealed on November 26th at 10 p.m. ET during […]