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It’s the First Day of Filming on CBS All Access ‘Star Trek’ Picard Spinoff!

We are pretty excited to report that filming on CBS All Access Star Trek spinoff series about Captain Jean Luc Picard kicked off today! Writer Michael Chabon shared this image of the back of his chair on set via his Instagram account this morning:   View this post on Instagram   First Day! #untitledpicardproject A post shared […]

Michael Chabon on What Makes ‘Star Trek’ Star Trek

Remember how excited we were to report on the return of Star Trek favorite Captain Jean Luc Picard back in August? That joy hasn’t really gone away yet; Sir Patrick Stewart at the helm of a Starfleet vessel is the stuff of Federation dreams. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon will be helming the Picard series for CBS ALL […]

Michael Chabon And Brian K. Vaughan To Chart The Hasbro Cinematic Universe

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay‘s Micheal Chabon and Saga‘s Brian K. Vaughn will help bring ROM to the screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hasbro has assembled its writers room to create a cinematic universe for its toylines with Chabon and Vaughn as just two of the writers tasked with making brands like […]

Fraction, Ba And Moon’s Casanova Collected In 3 Deluxe Hardcover Editions

Matt Fraction (Hawkeye), Gabriel Ba (The Umbrella Academy) and Fabio Moon (B.P.R.D.) are getting their Image Comic series Casanova collected into three deluxe hardcover Complete Editions coming out once a month starting in October. Casanova “Cass” Quinn was born into a life of privilege but turned his back on it to pursue his own interests […]

John Carter Featurette Brings The New Footage And It’s Good

Having seen some full scenes from John Carter I’m pretty well convinced that it’s going to be a good film, with good storytelling and lots of great cinematic ideas. I do acknowledge, however, that this hasn’t exactly been coming over in the trailers. Better, though, is this featurette. Have a look, and then we’ll discuss […]

Jon Favreau Hooks Screenwriter Michael Chabon For Magic Kingdom

A couple of months ago Brendon reported that actor/director/writer Jon Favreau was in talks with Michael Chabon, the pen behind Spiderman 2 and the forthcoming John Carter (Formerly of Mars), to polish up a screenplay for Magic Kingdom, a Disney adventure romp about Disneyworld coming to life.  Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we can happily […]

John Carter Concept Art And “Special Event” Chat

John Carter, sometimes of Mars, will make his debut voyage to our cinemas next March. With some serious pedigree behind the picture – Wall-E‘s Andrew Stanton and Kavalier and Clay‘s Michael Chabon took up the megaphone and quill respectively, and the source novels were by Edgar Rice Burroughs – there’s already a lot of reasons […]

First John Carter Poster Has An M For Mars

If they’re just going to call the film John Carter now, and not John Carter of Mars, then what’s the M glyph about? Andrew Stanton has made his live action directorial debut with this film (unless you count the inserts in Wall-E, which I’m not). Michael Chabon contributed to the scripting process. I really couldn’t […]

Jon Favreau Chatting Up Michael Chabon For Magic Kingdom Collaboration

Genre cinema could bear more writers like Michael Chabon. His contributions to the Spider-Man 2 script, which you can fish out by reading his drafts, are striking, powerful stuff, rich in drama and character and ideas, and they compare quite nicely to his “day job” novels. I’m looking forward to Andrew Stanton’s John Carter of […]

This Kavalier And Clay Animation Test Is Exciting And Unexpected

I’d love to see a big-screen version of Michael Chabon’s extraordinary novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, but I don’t think Stephen Daldry would be my number one choice of director. Either way, his long and determined efforts to bring the film to the screen (so far, but also probably finally) failed to […]