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“Levius” is a Lavish, Gorgeous and Violent Steampunk MMA Manga [Review]

“Levius” is a Lavish, Gorgeous and Violent Steampunk MMA Manga [Review]

Haruhisa Nakata’s manga Levius is both derivative and unique. It’s a beautifully-drawn epic of Steampunk martial arts fighters. Levius Cromwell is a sullen teenager who fights in MMA areas, dishing and receiving pain in an endless ritual of atonement and martyrdom. If you just stuck with that, you’d have an MMA manga, but this story […]

Jud Meyers

Humanoids Names Jud Meyers Director of Sales and Marketing

Almost a month ago, we reported that Humanoids was looking for a sales & marketing director in Los Angeles. Word is that they’ve found their person. Humanoids, Inc. has hired Jud Meyers to be their new Director of Sales & Marketing. Jud began his career in comics behind the scenes working for Titan Publishing in London. […]

Humanoids Unveils New Logo For Metal… Teases More To Come

The comic book magazine, Metal Hurlant, is near and dear to my heart. Besides being the predecessor to Heavy Metal, Metal Hurlant was the home of my first two freelance stories as a writer as well as leading to my first screen work in Metal Hurlant Chronicles.  So when Humanoids puts out a press release […]

Did I Leave Something At 10 Cloverfield Lane?

This story is a bit personal. I was checking my social media accounts today and came across a tweet from someone that said “@danwickline I really hope you were paid for 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer.” I had no idea what they were talking about. I hadn’t seen the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, I had […]

Humanoids Buys Original Moebius Missing Logo From Auction – Updated

When Humanoids was first founded over 40 Years ago in Paris, Jean “Moebius” Giraud  hand drew the logo for the company. The original piece of art has been missing ever since. It showed up in a Manhattan auction last week where Humanoids bought it back. It’s not known what the purchase price was or how […]

Humanoids Signs Deal To Have Books Published In The U.K.

Humanoids Inc. the international publisher and regular home of artists like Alexandro Jodorowsky and Moebius has announced a deal with Turnaround Publishing Service to publishing their books directly in the United Kingdom. Humanoids UK Liaison, Tim Pilcher, said,  “Bringing these titles directly to the UK means that they are now more affordable and accessible to a rapidly growing […]

VIDEO TRAILERS – Heavy Metal Comic Coming To TV With The Metal Hurlant Chronicles

Development is underway on a Metal Hurlant (aka Heavy Metal) TV series, and there’s already a completed pilot episode adapting Red Light and Cold Hard Facts for the screen. The trailer for each can story be found below. This pilot was produced by We Productions, who Variety tell us are teaming up with the publishing house […]