MOTU 1/6th Scale Mer-Man Up For Preorder Now

Mer-Man MOTU 1/6th Scale Mondo Figure Up For Preorder Now

MOTU 1/6th scale Mer-Man from Mondo i snow up fore preorder. Shipping in the winter, the figure will come with two heads, five pairs of hands, and two sets of feet. He will also have a trident, the Mer-Sword, and a blaster pistol. He stands at 12 inches tall, and features over 30 points of […]

masters of the universe funko pops

Masters Of The Universe Gets A Giant Wave Of Funko Pops

Masters of the Universe is getting a new, giant wave of Funko Pops. After a few figures through the years, including some of the first animation figures Funko ever did, we finally are getting a giant wave. He-Man and his friends have had a bit of a resurgence as of late. I watched a ton […]