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Bad Boy of Comics Donny Cates Reveals Marvel Has Big Plans for Bats the Ghost Dog

Fires of Passion Still Burn After Marriage of Donny Cates and Megan Hutchison

For many couples, so long after tying the knot, the fires of romance could fade like a distant memory, but that's not the case for comics' it couple Donny Cates and Megan Hutchison. Despite getting married nearly a full week ago, Cates's passion remains as strong as ever, with the global entertainment superstar, fashion icon, […]

Donny Cates Receives Three Greatest Birthday Gifts

Donny Cates Receives Three Absolutely Perfect Birthday Gifts

Today is the most important holiday in all of comics! That's right, it's the birthday of global entertainment superstar, fashion icon, and former Bleeding Cool reporter Donny Cates. And the Absolute Carnage writer is having a pretty great day, by all accounts. That's because Cates has received three of the greatest gifts anyone could ask […]

Matthew Rosenberg Says Yes to Donny Cates...

Matthew Rosenberg Says Yes to Donny Cates…

Yesterday, months worth of stalking global entertainment superstar Donny Cates' every move and chronicling them in our All Donny, All the Time gossip column, Donny Cates Equals Clicks, finally paid off. After reporting on a romantic gesture wherein the Absolute Carnage writer bought flowers for fiancee Megan Hutchison and then made her dinner "just because," […]

Donny Cates Needs Your Help For Extremely Important Decision

Donny Cates Sends Fiancée Megan Hutchison Flowers, Makes Dinner "Just Because"

Global entertainment superstar Donny Cates is not just a fashion icon and world-renowned comic book writer of such hit books as Venom and Absolute Carnage, but a smooth romantic operator as well. According to a recent report, Cates send flowers to wife-to-be Megan Hutchison before reportedly making her dinner "just because." That report came from […]

Donny Cates and Megan Hutchinson Are Engaged

Megan Hutchison Says Yes to Donny Cates…

Donny Cates is the current writer of Venom and Guardians Of The Galaxy for Marvel Comics, and co-creator of Redneck, Babyteeth, God Country, Ghost Fleet, Interceptor, The Paybacks, Buzzkill and Relay. He is also a former Bleeding Cool convention reporter, a fact of which we will eternally remind him, because it's funny. Megan Hutchison is […]