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Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for May 22-28, 2018

As we start winding down in May and looking ahead at June for summer releases, we’re getting a weird assortment of video game releases this week. A number of these games are collectors editions, re-releases, and other retro titles. But there’s a healthy mix of new stuff in the batch. Check out the full list of […]

Capcom Announce Mega Man Legacy Collection For Nintendo Switch

One of the few classic titles that’s just been missing from the current Nintendo Switch lineup is Mega Man. And while we’re all slowly waiting for Mega Man 11 to be completed and come to console, we now have confirmation from Capcom that we will be getting some classic titles to tide us over. The […]

Mega Man Legacy Collection Coming This Year

I must admit, Mega Man was never really on my radar as a child. I knew who he was and the pedigree he commanded, but I never got around to playing enough to be particularily nostalgic for the series. Over the last few weeks though, I have been going back to play Mega Man 1 […]