may 6th

Lying Cat Is Part Of Skottie Young's I Hate Image For Free Comic Book Day

Skottie Young has a new I Hate Fairyland comic for Free Comic Book Day…. and it's the big crossover with the rest of Image Comics as… I Hate Image! Featuring characters from Saga, The Walking Dead, Savage Dragon, Spawn, Descender, Black Science, Southern Bastards, and more. And a far more practical use for Lying Cat. May 6th, Free Comic Book Day, can't be […]

Will Rosado Joins Catalyst Prime's Free Comic Book Day

This is the work of vetern acomic book artist Will Rosado. You might know him from GI Joe, New Titans or Green Arrow. Well, on Free Comic Book Day, you will know him for his work on Catalyst Prime, the Lion Forge comic that is launching a new superhero universe and being called by people like me, the […]

Archie Comics Dumps Sonic The Hedgehog For Riverdale For Free Comic Book Day

Archie Comics originally announced that its silver title for Free Comic Book Day in May 2017 would be as Sonic: Genesis of a Hero. (W) Ian Flynn (A) Tracy Yardley, Terry Austin (CA) Jamal Peppers, Gary Martin Sonic is back for Free Comic Book Day! Turn back time and witness the "Genesis of a Hero" as […]

Marvel's Secret Empire Will Begin With Free Comic Book Day 2017

Bleeding Cool understands that Marvel's secretive Free Comic Book Day gold title, solicited thus: Don't miss this year's Free Comic Book Day titles from Marvel, each featuring two 10-page stories that set the stage for upcoming game-changers in the Marvel Universe! We can't tell you too much-but we think this one will get your spider-sense […]

The Origin Of Keyser Soze To Be Revealed On Free Comic Book Day #FCBD17

It was announced earlier this year, but has now been rescheduled for Free Comic Book Day, on May 6th next year. That's the first glimpse you'll get of Keyser Soze: Scorched Earth telling the official origin of the lead character of the movie The Usual Suspects. The first story arc is set nine years before […]

Underdog Comes To Free Comic Book Day In 2017 #FCBD17

Free Comic Book Day has announced its Silver titles for 2017. Including Underdog, a new comic book from American Mythology Press, based on the classic cartoon to accompany the likes of Pink Panther and The Three Stooges. No more details as yet… For more on Free Comic Book Day 2017 at Bleeding Cool, click here. Or […]

The Catalyst Prime Website Is Counting Down To Free Comic Book Day

Catalyst Prime is the revived name by Lion Forge Comics for a new superhero line with an emphasis on diversity headed up by Joe Illidge and a creative line-up to die for. And it has a website, counting down 141 days. That's May 6th, Free Comic Book Day. Which is when Lion Forge look to be […]