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Matthew Rosenberg Acknowledges Criticism of Death of (SPOILERS) in Uncanny X-Men #17

Uncanny X-Men writer Matthew Rosenberg has returned once again from Twitter hiatus to acknowledge criticism of Uncanny X-Men #17, which features the explanation of the death of a longtime X-Men character. If you don't want to be spoiled on the death, which was first revealed in Uncanny X-Men #16, then you should probably click away […]

How Toxic Masculinity Killed (SPOILERS) in Uncanny X-Men

Marvel Comics killed off a few characters in April, but one death in particular stood out. It's no surprise that death occurred in Uncanny X-Men, as writer Matthew Rosenberg has been ramping up his kill rate significantly. But today's Uncanny X-Men #17 makes an already-heartbreaking death even more tragic. If you don't want to be […]

Shockingly, Nobody Dies in This Uncanny X-Men #17 Preview

Shockingly, Nobody Dies in This Uncanny X-Men #17 Preview (Spoilers)

Uncanny X-Men writer Matthew Rosenberg has made no secret about his penchant for killing off all of your favorite X-Men characters. And we recently learned that Rosenberg, with the possible end of his run on the book coming with Jonathan Hickman's X-boot, Rosenberg may be stepping up his game to kill as many beloved characters […]

In Next Week's Uncanny X-Men, a Character Will DIE!!! (Spoilers)

In Next Week's Uncanny X-Men, a Character Will DIE!!! (Spoilers)

Uncanny X-Men writer Matthew Rosenberg has quit and rejoined his award-winning Twitter account so many times we've lost count, but the X-scribe returned to the social media service Friday to post a tantalizing spoiler for next week's issue, Uncanny X-Men #16. According to Rosenberg, "not everyone will make it out" of the issue. So who […]

In Darkness A Light Shines On Matthew Rosenberg

In Darkness A Light Shines On Matthew Rosenberg

Two more neat references from Matt Rosenberg's (The Punisher, Uncanny X-Men) Marvel bibliography. In The Punisher #5 (2018), Frank Castle finds at least one Hydra thug working at a fast food restaurant called Dimmu Burger. That one's a pretty clear nod to Dimmu Borgir, the Scandinavian symphonic black metal band. For a couple years they […]

A Solution for Age of X-Man Continuity Problems in Spider-Man/Deadpool #47

Marvel Comics has a problem. When you're publishing 20 X-books in a single month, it's hard to keep track of all the timelines. Sometimes a character is supposed to be over here, but they're actually over there. If they're a Wolverine, they're everywhere. You know how it goes. In the case of Dani Moonstar, appearing […]

Marvel Revives Classic Star Wars Series as Matthew Rosenberg Quits Twitter Again

Superstar comic book writer Matthew Rosenberg really is living out his childhood dreams. That bastard. Not only has Rosenberg become the sole writer of Uncanny X-Men, but now he will bring back Marvel's classic Star Wars comic book series, albeit for one issue only, in May. Marvel media partner was given the EX-X-XCLUSIVE reveal […]

X-Men Writer Matthew Rosenberg to Quit Award-Winning Twitter Account

Matthew Rosenberg is the writer of comics such as Uncanny X-Men and Punisher for Marvel, and his Twitter account was the recipient of Bleeding Cool's own Wolverine's Weiner X-Pick of the Year award for providing "a reliable source" of tweet-based fodder for clickbait articles, including "telling readers not to pre-order comics, blabbing X-office secrets on Twitter, complaining about the […]

Matthew Rosenberg Finally Gets Ahold of His Package from FedEx

Yesterday, as part of our mission to bring you the comic book news that really matters, Bleeding Cool told you all about the saga of Matthew Rosenberg and the package that FedEx was supposed to deliver to him, but refused. The package was overnighted to Rosenberg, something Rosenberg claims cost the mysterious sender $100, but […]

FedEx Has Uncanny X-Men Writer Matthew Rosenberg's Package and They Won't Deliver It

Matthew Rosenberg may be the hotshot Marvel Exclusive writer of Uncanny X-Men, the greatest and most important franchise in the history of comic books, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have to suffer from the same problems as the rest of it. Rosenberg's troubles started on Monday, when he tweeted: Hey @FedEx & @FedExHelp remember […]

Matthew Rosenberg Hints Astonishing X-Men Will End With a Cliffhanger

Desecrating the sacred holiday of X-Men Monday, Uncanny X-Men writer Matthew Rosenberg hinted on Twitter that this week's final issue of Astonishing X-Men will end on a cliffhanger, just like the final issue of New Mutants: Dead Souls. For those who have blocked that traumatic experience from their minds, let's recall how New Mutants Dead […]

Cyclops and Wolverine are the Last X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #12

Uncanny X-Men #12, from the newly announced Uncanny X-Men single creative team of Matthew Rosenberg and Salvador Larroca, will feature the best and the worst of the X-Men, it seems. Marvel has released the cover for the book, featuring Cyclops (the best X-Man) and Wolverine (the worst X-Man) on the cover, and declaring these two […]

Rosenberg, Larroca, and Cyclops Devastate the Uncanny X-Men in February

A teaser just sent out by Marvel for Uncanny X-Men reveals some new details about where the X-Men will go after the initial 10-part weekly Uncanny X-Men Disassembled arc ends in January. It looks like Uncanny X-Men #11 will ditch the ensemble creative team for a story by Matthew Rosenberg and Salvador Larroca. We also […]

What Scares You? Talking Horror With Image Comics at NYCC

by Octavio Karbank When it comes to comic books, what scares you? Today at the Image Comics: We Believe in Horror panel, the creators present attempted to answer that very question. What with it being October and Halloween being less than a month away it seemed a perfect panel for the season.   Featuring Will […]

Astonishing X-Men Annual #1 cover by Rod Reis

Astonishing X-Men Annual #1 Advance Review: Should the X-Men be Dark?

Jean Grey, Beast, Angel, and Iceman, the surviving members of the original X-Men, meet up for dinner to catch up. Their time is interrupted by the resurrected Professor Charles Xavier, back as "X" and inhabiting the body of Fantomex. He brings them to a new mansion he has outside the town of Lago. He claims […]

Marvel Reveals Uncanny X-Men #1 Cover by Leinil Francis Yu and Edgar Delgado

Marvel has revealed the cover to Uncanny X-Men #1, along with a release date: November 14th. The cover and release date were posted as part of an interview with X-scribe Matthew Rosenberg on Rosenberg will be writing the comic along with Kelly Thompson and Ed Brisson, with art by Mahmud Asrar, R.B. Silva, Yildiray Cinar, […]