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NFL Post-Mortem: The 2017 Atlanta Falcons

The NFC South is an interesting division in that three of the four teams made the playoffs and the winner of the division came down to tie-breakers. Collectively the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers went 32-16 which is a pretty astonishing record in a single division where they play each other twice. […]

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Indie Comic Spotlight: The Last #1 – Satyr Coming of Age

A small village of satyr-like aliens lives on a distant planet. The leader has a son who is very interested in space travel. The father, however, wants to hide their origins to protect him from the knowledge of those who would kill them. Unfortunately, those killers aren’t far behind, and the son will need to […]

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 3: Dominic Purcell Talks About John Constantine

This is a fun little video from DCLegendsTV. During a set visit to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, someone asked Dominic Purcell about the upcoming visit of John Constantine to the Waverider. We got our first look at Matt Ryan reprising his role as DC’s master of the dark arts, but we have yet to see […]

Matt Ryan Teases John Constantine’s Return On Legends Of Tomorrow

One of the big stories during the summer was that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow wanted Matt Ryan to reprise his role as John Constantine this season. Ryan first appeared as the exorcist, demonologist, and master of the dark arts in the short lived NBC series Constantine. Fan reaction to him as the character was extremely positive, […]

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Marc Guggenheim Teases Familiar Guest Star On Legends Of Tomorrow

Marc Guggenheim is one of the architects of the Arrowverse and an executive producer on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. He’s also good for the occasional tease tweet and tonight is no different. We started hearing a few months back that the show wanted Matt Ryan to reprise his role of John Constantine. Ryan appeared as […]


The Weekly Static S01E09: Scully And Scary And Sleazy…Oh My!

Welcome back to The Weekly Static on a very sunny and chilly Friday the 13th in the northeast, which is perfect weather for hockey mask-wearing and head of your dead mother-carrying — so here’s hoping you take advantage of it! In case you haven’t drank the Kool Aid quite yet, here’s a little reminder of […]


John Constantine Confirmed For 2 Episodes Of Legends Of Tomorrow

There was talk a month or so back that Legends of Tomorrow wanted to get Matt Ryan to reprise his role as John Constantine this season. Over the weekend, along with the release of the first look at the Constantine animated series, executive producer Phil Klemmer let slip that Ryan would indeed be appearing on […]


First Look At The CW Seed’s Constantine Animated Series

The CW Seed’s animated series are an interesting thing. They are part of the overall CW Arrowverse and allows the network to explore some characters outside of giving them their own series or trying to wedge them into one of the other four. With Vixen, they were able to establish the origin of the character […]


CW Releases First Look At Animated John Constantine

Matt Ryan returns to the role of John Constantine in an upcoming CW Seed animated series. Ryan first portrayed the dabbler of the mystic arts in the short-lived NBC series. He then appeared in the role during the fourth season of Arrow. In the episode, Constantine appeared both in the past on Lian Yu and […]


Matt Ryan Returns To Constantine For CW Seed Animated Series

Is this the new series Geoff Johns talked about the other day? At the Television Critics Association press tour it was announced that Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine for a new animated series to run on the CW Seed. Ryan originally portrayed the character on the short-lived NBC series Constantine and […]

What DC Television Series Geoff Johns Might Be Hinting At

With Geoff Johns New Year tease of another DC television series, speculation started running rampant on what the show could be. For him to say it will be announced soon gives the impression it’s something that has been in the works for a little while. What shows do we know about that might be announced? […]


Matt Ryan’s Return To Constantine… Only Animated This Time

For fans of the short-lived Constantine television series, any chance to see Matt Ryan reprise the role of John Constantine is something to get excited about. He returned to the magic man for an episode of Arrow and now he’s lending his voice to the DC animated movie Justice League Dark. The film’s director Jay […]

Constantine To Receive Warner Archive DVD/Blu-ray Release reports ads in the back of this week’s DC Comics releases tease a Blu-ray and DVD release for NBC‘s short-lived DC entry, Constantine. The ad, while prominently featuring key art from the series, is mainly in support of the Warner Archive’s DC Entertainment titles, which include the most recent seasons of iZombie and Lucifer. […]

Constantine On The CW Seed

After it’s failed first run on NBC, fans tried like crazy to get another network to pick up Constantine. The closest it got was star Matt Ryan appearing on an episode of the CW’s Arrow, connecting the two universes. Now, for fan who have wanted a way to see the series again, the CW has […]

Constantine Fans Rally For DVD / Blu-ray Release

Fans of the short-lived Constantine series on NBC are still being vocal. They tried like crazy to get a second season for the show. When that failed they tried to get another network to pick it up. That didn’t work, but the character played by Matt Ryan made an appearance on an episode of Arrow […]

Diggle Shares Andy’s File With Oliver In Tonight’s Arrow

Tonight’s episode of Arrow focuses on John Diggle’s brother Andy and the file that Quentin Lance was able to get from Damien Darhk. But there seems to be a lot more to it and it’s Olive Queen who reminds Diggle that his brother deserves the benefit of the doubt in the clips below. We also […]

This Week’s Episode Of Arrow Leaks Online

Torrent Freak reports this week’s episode of Arrow has found its way online a few days prior to its broadcast premiere. The highly anticipated episode, “Haunted,” features the return of Matt Ryan as John Constantine. Ryan played the part in the short-lived NBC series Constantine. Following its cancellation, Arrow star Stephen Amell was vocal online […]

What Laurel Has Done And Constantine Is Coming

Last night’s Arrow focused on one of the most broken relationships in the show… that of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne). Now for a while there Lance was okay with Team Arrow but never found common ground with Oliver. He still holds him responsible for the page that had lead his […]