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Fanboy Wrampage: Reby Hardy Fights Ashley Massaro Over Matt Hardy

It's been a while since we last checked in on the Twitter account of Reby Hardy, professional wrestler and wife of WWE superstar Matt Hardy who seems to prefer to settle disputes in the ring known as social media rather than the squared circle. Hardy found herself in a last woman standing Twitter match with […]

WWE Collectors Have Tons to Be Excited About: Mattel WWE at SDCC

WWE collectors had a heck of a first day at SDCC yesterday. Mattel went full-throttle at their panel, revealing tons of new figures and bringing WWE Superstars to talk about their careers and boost excitement. Superstars Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Becky Lynch, Matt Hardy (hilariously giving a monologue in his "Woken" character"), and as a […]

Report: WWE to Crossover with Impact Wrestling for Hardy Boyz Blu Ray Footage

It's a moment most probably thought would never come, but it looks like WWE is finally working together with one-time rivals, the promotion formerly known as TNA, Impact Wrestling. WWE Home Video UK, official licensor of WWE home video releases in the UK, has revealed on Twitter that "footage of Impact" will appear on Twist […]

Wrestlemania Funko Reveal! Triple H, Asuka, Vince, Hardy Boyz, and More!

Wrestlemania 34 takes place in the SUPERdome this weekend, and Funko has gotten in on the fun by announcing a new wave of WWE Pop Tees and Pops figures. There are some really sweet figures in this assortment, both classic and new Superstars. All of these products will come out in the summer, but the […]

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Let's Take a Look at The Mattel WWE Entrance Greats Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy was supposed to come out waaaaayyyyy back when Mattel started their WWE line back in 2010. Done up with his painted face and gear from the time, he instead left the company and the figure was pulled, much to the dismay of collectors. Every now and again, a carded prototype would sneak out […]

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Bray Wyatt Has Been Found; WWE Wrestler Was Missing Since Monday Night

Good news! Bray Wyatt has finally been located after going missing after falling into the Lake of Reincarnation during the Ultimate Deletion match between Wyatt and Matt Hardy on WWE Raw last Monday. Wyatt lost the match, but more frighteningly, after being pinned, Hardy threw him into the lake and he hadn't been seen since. […]

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WWE's Ultimate Deletion Gets an Epilogue

WWE has released an epilogue to last Monday's Ultimate Deletion match between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. The match saw Wyatt tossed into the Lake of Reincarnation, and the former WWE Champion hasn't been seen since. Presumably, he has drowned. The last words from Wyatt's Twitter account were, "Goodbye." However, at least one part […]

WWE Asks Fans Which of Matt Hardy's Broken Characters They Want to See

Ahead of Ultimate Deletion, WWE's upcoming sequel to past Hardy Compound matches from rival Impact Wrestling, has posted a poll asking fans "which member of Matt Hardy's trusted platoon" they most want to see in WWE. Filming has reportedly already begun on Ultimate Deletion, which will presumably act as the culmination of the feud […]

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Delightful! WWE's Ultimate Deletion Will Take Place at the Hardy Compound

Over the weekend, we told you about WWE's cryptic hints that something called "Ultimate Deletion" was in the cards for the feud between Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, and we speculated, as most probably did, that this could be a sequel to Hardy Compound events filmed for Impact Wrestling such as Final Deletion and Total […]

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WWE Teases "The Ultimate Deletion" Coming Soon – Maybe at WrestleMania?

WWE may have teased the next phase of its plans for Woken Matt Hardy. On Twitter, the company posted the following message: COMING SOON: The Ultimate Deletion! — WWE (@WWEIndia) March 3, 2018 The tweet linked to a article, and the article referred to a tweet by Hardy himself, which read: By ABSORBING part […]

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The Giggling Men, Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy, Face off in Elimination Chamber

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy have a weird relationship. Their promos at each other are weird, and they spend the majority of the time laughing at each other. It's fantastic, I promise. The time for laughter is over… … or is it? #WWEChamber @MATTHARDYBRAND @WWEBrayWyatt — WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 26, 2018 Their match […]

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Impact's Ed Nordholm Regrets Feuding with Hardys over Broken Gimmick

Now that the dust has settled and Matt Hardy has won the legal battle with Impact Wrestling, obtaining full ownership of the trademarks of his Broken Matt Hardy gimmick, Impact Wrestling president Ed Nordholm, who once posted what he claimed was Hardy's contract on Twitter as part of their ongoing feud over the gimmick, has […]

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To Crush Impact and Make Matt Hardy Great Again, WWE Hires Jeremy Borash

Not content with relaunching the XFL, holding a hugely successful first-ever Women's Royal Rumble, and signing Ronda Rousey to its full-time roster, WWE has now hired one of, if not the, most integral components of its competitor, Impact Wrestling. Jeremy Borash, who helped launch TNA in 2002 and was the second employee hired by the […]