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Kelly Sue DeConnick, Writing For Wizard Of Oz NBC TV Show, Emerald City

Bleeding Cool reported earlier on the Milkfed panel at Heroes Con with the launch of their new website. But there was more to come. Jonathan Rich writes, Comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick had a TV announcement to make at HeroesCon, that she has worked on episodes of Emerald City, the upcoming fall NBC show based on Wizard […]

Bitch Planet Short Stories Coming, From Cheryl Lynn Eaton And Maria Fröhlich (UPDATE)

Bleeding Cool reported earlier on the Milkfed panel at Heroes Con, with the launch of their new website. But there was more to come. Jonathan Rich writes, During the packed Milkfed Criminal Masterminds panel, Kelly Sue DeConnick took the microphone to discuss the expanding worlds of her popular titles Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly, as well as […]

Matt Fraction And Kelly Sue DeConnick Launch New Website, Milkfed.US (UPDATE)

Jonathan Rich writes for BleedingCool. Although there were some technical hurdles to overcome with the initial announcement, the Milkfed Criminal Masterminds comic company has launched a new website to allow fans to be in the know about new titles, developments, and works from the indie professionals publishing under their brand. Saturday afternoon at Heroes Con […]

In-Store Convention Event Schedule And Guest Update

Big news for the In-Store Convention! The first tentative schedule and guest list has been announced. This one-of-kind live streaming event is sure to be a blast with a mixture like the one below! It all takes place at your local comic book shop, on Saturday, March 5 from Noon to 8:00pm ET. Top creators […]

Kaptara Was The “Gay He-Man”

A rather entertaining conversation appeared between Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky on the Milkfed Mailing List the other week that I’ve been encouraged to share. With Matt asking, you described KAPTARA before the launch as “a gay HE-MAN” which is literally my favorite piece of writing of the last calendar year. where’d that come from? […]

Sex Criminals #13 Drops Matt Fraction From The Cover

When Chip Zdarsky won a Harvey Award at Baltimore Comic-Con, the Harvey Special Award for Humor for his work on Sex Criminals, he turned it down because it didn’t recognise the work of the book’s writer, Matt Fraction. Tomorrow’s issue of Sex Criminals celebrates this award, and act, by taking Matt Fraction’s name off the cover […]

The Three Winners Of The Sex Criminals #Brimpersketch Contest, Revealed

Image Comics have announced the winners of the #BrimperSketch contest, taking the second printing of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky‘s Sex Criminals #11 and transforming it…. “Rainbow Faces” took first place in the contest with “Buscemi Faces” in second place and “Brimpception Redux” in third. “RAINBOW FACES is the winner!” Zdarsky declared. “It subverts your expectations […]

The Very Rude Sex Criminals #11 Sketch Variants Sell For Over $90

Sex Criminals #11 was sold in two varieties last week. Both bagged, one hid a 1:35 sketch by the creators, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, the other, a secret cover by Bryan O’Malley. This Sex Criminals #11 sketch cover by Fraction, has sold for $150. NSFW obviously. Another equally NSFW sketch from Matt has sold for $145. While this more tasteful smooth bum […]

SDCC ’15: Chip Zdarsky – A Life

By Joe Glass While waiting for the panel to start, our eponymous panelistic hero spent most of his preparation time making faces, meeting and greeting and lying on the floor for no apparent reason. In fact, it seems he is completely incapable of taking a photo without making a garish mask out of his features, […]

Satellite Sam Will Return From Fraction And Chaykin As A TV Western

One of the comic books I enjoyed the most the past year was Satellite Sam by Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin, a procedural television show from the fifties embroiled in organised crime, murder and sexual depravity… At Heroes Con, it was announced that after the final issue, out soon, the series will continue in 2016 […]

Scott Snyder Makes More On Wytches Than Batman – The Price Of Working In Comic Books

These are common comic book work-for-hire industry rates, compiled by Alex De Campi, and shown off at Special Edition: NYC at the weekend as part of a panel. That is… WFH/PAGE MAINSTREAM INDIE Script $80-100 $25-50 Covers $600-700 $200-500 Line art $200-300 $100-250 Colour art $120-150 $35-100 Letters $20-25 $10-20 They show common ranges of […]

Sealed Sketches And Nail Art For Sex Criminals

There may be no more exclusive retailer variant covers for Sex Criminals, by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. But there are plenty of other imaginative promotional options available to the pair. Such as printing 1,000 copies of the 35,000 print run of Sex Criminals #11 as blankish sketch covers and spending the day drawing genitalia […]

Matt Fraction To Guest On Late Night With Seth Meyers

Matt Fraction has told the world in his and Kelly Sue DeConnick‘s newsletter, that he will be appearing in Late Night With Seth Meyer as a guest in a week-and-a-bit on Thursday, May 21st, He tells his audience, I have a really cool treat cooked up for the show, so — so yeah. Tune in! […]