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Marvel Comics Presents #9

Killing the Truth in Marvel Comics Presents #9 [Preview]

Marvel Comics Presents #9 hits stores from Marvel Comics next week, wrapping up what we’re pretty sure was originally meant to be a 12-issue series but got reduced to 9. That means Marvel has to squeeze 4 parts of Wolverine’s The Vigil storyline into a single issue, and they’re throwing in more Wolverine for the […]

Marvel Comics Presents #8 [Preview]

Wolverine’s Daughter Sends Him to Hell in Marvel Comics Presents #8 [Preview]

Marvel Comics Presents #8 is in stores next week from Marvel Comics, continuing the Wolverine story The Vigil in a chapter by Charles Soule and Dio Neves. The Vigil is most well-known for introducing Wolverine’s Daughter, Rien, but though it wasn’t advertised as such, the story also appears to be out of continuity. Get caught […]

Wolverine's Vigil Comes to 9/11 in Marvel Comics Presents #7 [Preview]

Wolverine’s Vigil Comes to 9/11 in Marvel Comics Presents #7 [Preview]

In The Vigil, Wolverine has been fighting the demon Ron Killings once per decade, every decade since the 1940s. The story, originally ostensibly in continuity though seeming less so considering the major changes made to Wolverine’s history, including getting a bunch of X-Men killed in the 90s and having a daughter (with a woman he […]

X-ual Healing

How Many Kids Does Wolverine Have, Anyway?! [X-ual Healing 6-26-19]

As the lame duck session of X-Men continues into its final month, ahead of Jonathan Hickman’s line-wide reboot of the franchise, more X-books came to an end last week. Plus, we’ve got a new Claremont comic this week. Yay! Lots to unpack here, six issues and over 3500 words of recap, so let’s jump right […]

Marvel September 2019 Solicitations

Marvel Comics Presents #9 Will Be an All-Wolverine Issue… And Maybe the Last

Harkening back to the days when Marvel published a dozen Wolverine titles a month — Wolverine, Wolverine and the X-Men, Wolverine and the Wolverinemen of Wolverinetown, etc. — Marvel Comics Presents #9 will be all-Wolverine, all the time in September! The solicit reveals refers to the anthology as an All-Wolverine issue, featuring the finale to […]

Marvel Comics August 2019 Solicitations

Marvel Comics Presents #8 Catches Up to the Present in August… So What Now?

One of our favorite parts of Marvel’s 80th-anniversary celebration has been the return of Marvel Comics Presents, the classic Marvel anthology series. This time around, Marvel Comics Presents returned with a new theme: each issue represents a decade in Marvel history, with the flagship story, The Vigil, starring Wolverine teaming with a witch to stop […]

Wolverine at His Best in Marvel Comics Presents #5 (Preview)

Rewriting Wolverine’s History in Marvel Comics Presents #5 (Preview)

Marvel Comics Presents gets to its 1980s chapter in Marvel Comics Presents #5, continuing the tale of Wolverine defending the world against demons alongside a woman he met as a young child and later slept with, possibly as part of a plot to birth a secret love child. But as horrifying as that sounds, this […]

Digital Terror! 2 Classic Stories from Marvel Comics Presents Added to Marvel Unlimited This Week

Digital Terror! How Charlie Adlard Saw Cyberspace in 1993, Via Marvel Unlimited

We like to keep tabs on Marvel’s weekly updates to Marvel Unlimited because, even with their monthly announcements of which comics are hitting the service, they tend to drop surprise releases of newly digitized classic comics on the digital subscription service each week as well. Yesterday, we highlighted some issues of Marvel Team-Up that unexpectedly […]

Did We Just See the Origin of a Secret Love Child of Wolverine? [X-ual Healing 3-24-19]

The Secret Origin of Wolverine’s Secret Love Child? [X-ual Healing 3-27-19]

Welcome, one and all, to the number one sex-pun-based weekly X-Men recap column on the internet! In the past, I’ve published this column on Sunday, but I’m starting to like the idea of releasing it on Monday more, mostly because I order my comics from DCBS, they don’t get here until Thursday or sometimes Friday, […]

The Return of Spider-Man’s Greatest Villain in Next Week’s Marvel Comics Presents #3

Spider-Man has one of the most well-developed rogue’s galleries in the entire superhero-industrial complex, but even with a collection that includes  such notable villains as Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, The Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Paste Pot Pete, things can still get a little stale in the Spider-Man books. It doesn’t help that Marvel publishes […]

Danny Ketch Returns with a New Status Quo in Marvel Comics Presents

The relaunch of Marvel Comics Presents has thus far focused each issue on a different decade of Marvel history, which leads us to wonder what happens when the book catches up with present times in Marvel Comics Presents #8. But leaving that aside, Marvel Comics Presents #6 is hitting stores in June, which means it’s […]

Next Week’s Marvel Comics Presents Completely Breaks Continuity

Marvel Comics Presents was a classic anthology series from the 1980s, and Marvel has brought it back for their 80th-anniversary celebration. But in the new Marvel Comics Presents, each issue focuses on a different decade, with the 1950s featuring in Marvel Comics Presents #2 (and does this mean the series will end after 8 issues?). […]

Chris Claremont Pulls Off a Cross-Time Caper in May’s Marvel Comics Presents

In celebration of Marvel Comics’ 80th-anniversary this year, the publisher brought back the classic anthology series Marvel Comics Presents. But the new Marvel Comics Presents comes with a twist: each issue focuses on a specific decade in Marvel’s history. And in May, the decade in question is one of the most memorable times for Marvel […]