SPOILERS: Donny Cates Writes the Justice League in Thor #2

SPOILERS: Donny Cates Writes the Justice League in Thor #2

Some people accuse Bleeding Cool of running comic book clickbait stories. What they are actually doing is accusing Jude Terror of writing comic book clickbait stories. Which he fully admits he does. Usually within the very clickbait that he is writing. And people like Donny Cates get rather annoyed especially when that clickbait is about […]

MARVEL MIGHTY MUGGS Figure Assortment - Doctor Strange (3)

Mighty Muggs Already Get a Second Wave from Hasbro

Mighty Muggs have barely just gotten back onto store shelves (no, really, they started hitting last week) and here we are with an announcement of a second wave from Star Wars and Marvel. These will be in stores in February already. The big change for these of course is that we have each figure in […]

Has Brian Bendis Just Sold A Superhero Cartoon To Fox?

The other week we told you that Warners was pitching a Supergirl TV series to networks. We got a production detail wrong, naming the wrong producer, but thankfully the folk at Deadline helped correct us. And the story blew open. Maybe they can help us again? Because I've also been told that Brian Michael Bendis, […]

AVX: Versus #1 Cover Contains No Homo-Erotic Subtext Whatsoever

We've taken Steven Wacker's criticism to heart. Bleeding Cool had previously presented a series of Avengers Vs X-Men in a fashion that might suggest the principal male protagonists/antagonists were engaged in a courtship ritual in some cases, in actual on-cover sex in others. Initially it was an attempt to deliver a little colour into the […]

Five Ways The Public See Marvel

As monster trucks… the Marvel variant covers can't be far behind. Some late night God-On-Troll action… Stussy putting comic book checklists on their T-shirts now. $40 for Thor cups from 7/11, apparently. And doesn't it make you feel grand being a New York fireman, that Thor could just rock up and pop up a little […]