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Wizard World Philly: Marv Wolfman, Sam Ellis, Cosplay And Howard The Duck

By Jared Cornelius It's a beautiful Friday afternoon and my fiancé and I have made the hour trek to enjoy the spectacle of Wizard World Philly.  As we arrive at the convention center it's clear to me the annual event has been going strong as costumed fans stroll down 12th Street.  A fan cosplaying as […]

Marv Wolfman – His Time Has Come

Last week, Marv Wolfman's old Nova character, Blackout, was the villain on Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Also last week on Arrow was Deathstroke, Brother Blood and Bethany Snow (the TV reporter who was in Titans for years). Supposedly Summer Glau is playing Ravager (in the comic Deathstroke's daughter) on Arrow now. Cyborg is announced for Superman […]

Late Night Fun – The Flash Video Game That Might Have Been

In 2008 BottleRocket Entertainment's video game based on The Flash got cancelled when the publisher, Brash Entertainment went out of business. At the time they had Marv Wolfman working on the story and Roger Robinson doing concept art. They also produced a unpolished sample video to show what game play would be like. Maybe if Brash […]

Marv Wolfman On Superboy, Tony Bedard On Supergirl – With New Lobo

Do you think maybe DC Comics needs a little good news right now? Just a little? Marv Wolfman is the co-creator of Blade, Bullseye, The Black Cat, Nova, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, Tim Drake and a little something called Crisis On Infinite Earths. He knows his stuff. Of late he has been writing the DC Universe […]

Remembering Joe Kubert – The Art Legend Honored At SDCC

Joshua Stone writes for Bleeding Cool: The panel was moderated by Mark Evanier, and featured an amazing lineup of comic book greats – Sergio Aragones, Paul Levitz, Marv Wolfman, Tom Yates, Jon B. Cooke, Russ Heath, and Neal Adams' nameplate, as he didn't show up. Evanier started off by saying that Joe loved drawing more […]

A Crisis Of Infinite Conventions

THE FRINGE Edinburgh hasn't had much joy in the way of comic conventions over the last few decades, losing out to the hustle and bustle of neighbouringish Glasgow. But one fellow is giving it a go come April. A Toy & Comic Mart, starting small and building up. And starting in April, free with local […]

ShiftyLook Comes To London. With A Few Friends.

BleedingCool has been following how ShiftyLook has been investing in the comics industry of late. How it has employed studios to create webcomics using known creator names to revive forgotten or unknown gaming brands from the Namco Bandai stable. And now it's doing something similar with comics conventions. Next weekend, Britain's lergest comics conventuion, the […]

Tuesday Runaround – Helping Tony DeZuniga

As it's in the Philippines, it's out of the reach of HERO and the like. But Tony DeZuniga is in need of your help. His wife writes; It's really tough since Tony doesn't have insurance here. The medication is very expensive and hospital bill is paid cash 90% Our daily bill is around $1,500 even […]

Crisis On Infinite Disneys? Marv Wolfman Writes Epic Mickey 2

Marv Wolfman, amongst many comic book acheivements, co-created the character Blade for Tomb Of Dracula. After the first movie was made, Wolfman sued Marvel for ownership rights but lost the case. As a result, Wolfman has stated he'd been blacklisted at Marvel. However, that doesn't mean the parent company feel the same way. Talking about […]

Crisis on Infinite Earths 1

History Lessons With Peter Sanderson

It sounds like a dream job – getting paid to read comics and take notes. Very few ever get such a chance. Peter Sanderson did, twice, first working as a research assistant for DC for a little project that turned into Crisis on Infinite Earths. From there, he would move over to Marvel, where he […]

Frank Miller's Holy Terror Vs New Teen Titans: Games

Two weeks ago, DC Comics published New Teen Titans: Games, a hardcover graphic novel by Marv Wolfman and George Perez we have been waiting twenty years for. One week ago, Legendary Comics published the comic that DC was going to publish several years ago, Frank Miller's Holy Terror – which once upon a time would […]

Graphic Novels Years In The Making Top Diamond Charts In September

Frank Miller's Holy Terror, originally planned a decade ago as Batman: Holy Terror, as a response to the attacks on the World Trade Center, is the best selling graphic novel through Diamond Comic Distributors in September. And second is Marv Wolfman and George Perez' New Teen Titans: Games, which was started twenty years ago and […]

Teen Titans Graphic Novel: Games For October 2010?

October 2010. October 2010. That was the date George Perez was giving people at Baltimore, as he burns through the pages, for the publication of the long awaited, much delayed graphic novel featuring DC Comics' young superheroes in a now-very-out-of-continuity tale, Teen Titans:  Games. To be fair, a number of dates have been given before, […]