Martha Coolidge

Let’s Take a Look at Shout Factory’s Valley Girl Blu-ray Release

Valley Girl is the latest release to come from Shout Factory’s Select series, and they sent us over a copy to take a look at. Let’s dive in. The Film: ­čŹ┐­čŹ┐­čŹ┐ One of the best teenage romance films of the 1980’s, Valley Girl is one of those films that you forget about sometimes. When you […]

Brat Pack America: A Love Letter To 80s Teen Movies

By┬áDanielle Mick Every single Friday night, my mother and I used to sit down and watch a movie from the eighties. I believe it started with The Breakfast Club. (Big surprise, I know.) These movies mean the absolute world to me. These movies are my childhood. It was an absolute honor to sit down with […]