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Sam Mendes’ “1917” Captures Chaos of World War I [TRAILER]

Sam Mendes’ “1917” Captures Chaos of World War I [TRAILER]

Universal released the trailer for Sam Mendes’ World War I epic drama 1917 involving a dangerous mission involving two British soldiers played by George McKay (Captain Fantastic) and Dean-Charles Chapman (Game of Thrones) to deliver intelligence calling off a planned attack that could save thousands of lives. Colin Firth plays their commanding officer giving them […]

Mark Strong Talks How He Makes Sivana Scary in ‘Shazam!’

Mark Strong is no stranger to comic book films with his memorable roles in Kick-Ass, and the Kingsman franchise with Matthew Vaughn. But now he tackles the villain Dr. Thaddeus Sivana in Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming Shazam. Strong spoke to about Sivana’s background and capturing his essence. “We talked about it and realized that […]

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Battlefield V Hypes New Trailer Coming Tomorrow with Mark Strong

In their buildup to the release of Battlefield V, DICE have decided to do some extra promotional work involving actor Mark Strong. The company released this teaser on Twitter today as the company is preparing to release a new single-player trailer tomorrow, which will promote the game’s release on November 20th. There’s really not much […]

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Gets Home Video Release In Time For Christmas

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was not as popular (or frankly as well received) as the first installment when it hit theaters this past fall. It was still entertaining, but some odd choices were made and lacked a bit of charm and freshness the first had. For fans, however, you have a new addition to your […]

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Matthew Vaughn Is Not Pleased With The Marketing For Kingsman: The Golden Circle

We live in a world of spoilers. Whether it’s Marvel sending comic spoilers to run in the New York Times, or some jerk from high school who decided to declare who dies on Game of Thrones, spoilers are everywhere. Then there are the marketing departments that give away huge spoilers to movies in trailers, posters, […]

Jamie Dornan Holds The Ground In Siege Of Jadotville

In September 1961, the United Nations intervened into the Katang conflict in Congo-Léopoldville in Central Africa. A company of lightly-armed Irish UN Troops were attacked by soldiers loyal to Katangese PM Moise Tshombe. The assault lasted for six days as the troops waited for a relief force to arrive. It was called the Siege of […]

Elton John To Join The Ranks Of Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Elton John is the latest name tied to a part in the upcoming Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the sequel to 2014’s surprise hit Kingsman: The Secret Service. According to The Hollywood Reporter, John is in talks to join in an unspecified role, but the site adds he may be playing himself. The sequel sees Taron […]

The Imitation Game Gets A UK Trailer

The upcoming film, The Imitation Game, has had a UK trailer released today. The film has been getting great reviews and has a very impressive cast starting with Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, the British mathematician, logician, cryptologist and computer scientist who led the team that broke the German Enigma Code and helped the Allies win […]

UK Trailer For The Imitation Game Starring Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley head up the cast for The Imitation Game. It’s the story of Alan Turing, the mathematician credited for cracking the German Enigma machine that turned the tide of the war. The film is directed by Morten Tyldum and also stars Mark Strong, Matthew Goode, Charles Dance and Rory Kinnear. It’s […]

Superb: Mark Strong To Star In Dexter Fletcher’s Provenance

Dexter Fletcher’s directorial debut, Wild Bill, was a real “Who knew?” moment. After years of high profile but often quite dreadful film and TV  roles – though, of course, there were some splendid exceptions – Fletcher stepped behind the camera and showed, right out of the gate, that he has a real flair for it. […]

Andrew Stanton Has Already Started Prepping For John Carter 2 And 3

Andrew Stanton came to London recently to show clips from John Carter and talk to the press. I’ve previously shared his comments on the film’s title, and his passionate desire to radically shake up the whole film industry. Now we get to some real meat. Stanton also spoke about his restructuring of  Edgar Rice Burrough’s […]

EXCLUSIVE: Green Lantern Poster Premieres – Kilowog And Sinestro

Here are the two next Green Lantern character posters, showcasing Mark Strong as Sinestro and a lot of swanky CG as Kilowog.* I think these complete the set of leading Lanterns from the movie. At first, I wasn’t expecting this film to be anything like this full with aliens. As more and more clips and trailers […]