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Let's All Read Excalibur #31 in the Light Of HOXPOX

“House of X”: Jonathan Hickman Writes about Fascism Again – He Always Did

Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X created the most buzz in Marvel comics for ages. He turned the X-Men into a powerful separatist nation state with real political and economic. They have a secretive government with secret plans and agendas to manipulate and change the world. It’s all very Machiavellian. You could […]

Thirty-Eight Thoughts About Thirty-Seven Comics – Wolverine, Manifest Destiny, Crossed, Batgirl, Unity, Green Lantern Corps, Manhattan Projects, Superior Spider-Man, Suicide Squad, All New X-Men, Clown Fatale, Walking Dead And More

Welcome to another wonderful week of comic books on a Wednesday. So what’s hitting the racks today? Well first, a little education, courtesy of Professor Wolverine. I have to say I love that. Ninjas based on Kabuki theatre figures, dressed in black, so they could move objects around the stage as if they were floating, […]

Twenty-Three Thoughts About Twenty-Three Comics – It Came, Astonishing X-Men, Black Manta, The Riddler, Mongul, Mister Freeze, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time: Candy Capers, Court Of Owls, Solomon Grundy, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Harley Quinn, Avengers Arena, Kick Ass 3, Trigon, Sidekick, Killer Frost, Prophet, Manhattan Projects, Indestructible Hulk, Hit List And Robocop

Another look through a bunch of this week’s comics! The Carry On team debut in It Came, as official British Army soldiers to provide some much needed sexism and incompetence as a counter to… the existing sexism and incompetence of Dr Brett. Book of the week, by a long way. Dan Boultwood must be looking […]

Cammy’s Covers – Manhattan Projects To Trillium

Cameron Hatheway writes; The Manhattan Projects #13 by Jonathan Hickman Glad to know that several pairs of Vans checkered slip-ons were recycled into making this cover. It’s not entirely checkered, which makes the overall design that much more intriguing and appealing. Is there a pattern, or is it all just random? If there is a […]

Nineteen Thoughts About Nineteen Comics – Superman Unchained, Suicide Squad, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Walking Dead, Avenging Spider-Man, The Crow, Green Lantern Corps, Bravest Warriors, Six Gun Gorilla, Breath Of Bones, Batgirl, Supurbia, Manhattan Projects, Savage Wolverine, Wolverine, Uncanny X-Force, A1 And The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys

Superman Unchained #1 makes a lot of fuss about the foldout page (video here). But my favourite is one panel tucked away near the back. Big weapons, small church… Talking of weapons, why can’t Obama hire Harley Quinn as his press spokesman? I mean, it’s not like she can do a worse job right now […]

Countdown to the Eisners – Best Continuing Series

Cameron Hatheway writes; I’ve always found the following category to be a little tricky; a continuing series means one that has been around for more than a year, right? Because if it’s still relatively new, what’s keeping a great series from sweeping both Best Continuing Series and Best New Series? This year’s crop of contenders […]

Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Star Wars, Nowhere Men, Manhattan Projects, Peter Panzerfaust, Crossed Badlands, Avengers Arena, Secret Avengers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Fearless Defenders, Superboy, Ozymandias, Uncanny X-Men, Katana And Batgirl

 It must be a real arse to argue with Luke Skywalker when he pulls lines like this one from Star Wars #3 on you. Arguing about the contents of the fridge probably go the same way. “Who ate the last sausage? Luke???” “I was hungry, you know, after taking on the Death Star for […]

Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Manhattan Projects, Morning Glories, Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth, The End Times Of Bram And Ben, Wolverine & The X-Men, Cable & X-Force, Batgirl, Katana, Powers, Avengers Assemble, Fury, Buffy, Avengers Arena, Ghostbusters

This is the Albert Einstein we always deserved and yet, until Manhattan Projects we never got a whiff of until now. I’m so glad we got Manhattan Projects. Morning Glories does the hideous trick of applying a child’s logic to the Bible. Which is just the kind of thing it was never meant to stand […]

Dark Mutations Permeate the Scientific World of Manhattan Projects #7

Tom Gronkowski writes for Bleeding Cool; Manhattan Projects is the dark mutation of old Popular Science covers come to life. Manhattan Projects #7 (the second single issue after the release of first series’ trade paperback) seems significant because it signals a definite direction for this book that has been lacking in Issues #s 1-6. For […]

The Bleeding I – Talking With Eric Stephenson About Image Selling Out

Continuing our occasional, rather frank, discussions with Image Comics Publisher, Eric Stephenson. Now it seems rocking a rather retro look.  Well, I suppose revamps are in the air right now. Okay, to business. Rich: Every several months, we seem to get a boom in attention over a bunch of creator owned books. The last time […]

Creator Owned Boom Reflected In Advance Reorders

Jonathan Hickman’s The Manhattan Projects cleaned up on advance reorders made by comic stores before the comic shipped. With issue 2 hitting the top of the chart, measuring reorders from the 5th to the 11th of March, expect a sellout announcement for that comic when it’s most publicity-wise advantageous. In fact there’s a lot of […]

Hickman Leaves Fantastic Four, Bendis Leaves Avengers… It’s Coming

iFanboy reports, from an interview with Jonathan Hickman carried out at Image Comics Expo, that he will be leaving Fantastic Four at the end of the year along with wrapping up The Ultimates and SHIELD. With news that Bendis is leaving Avengers, and his stating that his next project will be “so much more” than […]