Madeline Holly-Rosing

A How To Kickstarter Class Is Coming Up For Indie Creators In Los Angeles

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent You have come up with a fantastic comic book idea (or some other product equally cool), but you have tapped out your bank account, your family and your friends. Thanks to a number of funding opportunities that exist on the internet nowadays, there are now more ways […]

A Steampunk Extravaganza Of Comics And Literature At Clockwork Couture In Burbank

By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Clockwork Couture, a Burbank-based steampunk shop, hosted "a steampunk extravaganza of comics and literature" as well as holiday craft faire last Saturday afternoon. There were several vendors were set up outside of the shop under canopy umbrellas selling jewelry, artwork, clothing accessories that would be welcomed […]