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The Tradd Moore Suicide Squad One-Shot Story We Never Saw

Late last night, comic artist Tradd Moore shared a new image on his Instagram page that revealed that we almost got a Suicide Squad story from the creator last year. The artist, whose work on action series Luther Strode over at Image Comics showed his incredible talent for balls-to-the-wall action sequences and creative comics storytelling, […]

Luther Strode

Image Announces 'Luther Strode: The Complete Series' Hardcover Coming In October

The complete Luther Strode series, made up of a trilogy of mini-series from Image Comics by Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore and Felipe Sobreiro is to be collected into a gorgeous hardcover edition by the publisher and available in comic stores Wednesday, October 4th and in book stores Tuesday, October 10th. Collecting The Strange Talent of […]

Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – Superior Spider-Man, Iron Man, Cyberforce, Robocop, Burn The Ophanage, Satellite Sam, Sheltered, Trillium, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, Dial H, Hunger, The Movement, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Luther Strode

Time for another run through the week's comic books, in the most most popular weekly column at Bleeding Cool, X Thoughts About X. Every neighbourhood watch should have a Robocop. Maybe every neighbourhood watch will. Superior Spider-Man not only has minions, he calls them minions. He's becoming Despicable Spider-Me! Someone let Pixar know, this could […]

A Second Look At Luther Strode Vol 1 or Why Justin Jordan Is So Bloody Hot Right Now

By Hannah Means-Shannon Justin Jordan is a remarkably direct person who seems to shuffle off any traces of affectation, particularly when he gets up in front of people at panels. He's often more interested in talking about the projects of his colleagues in comics, and asking them questions, often with obvious enthusiasm, then commenting at […]

The Gruesome Death Of Larry From Larry's Comics

This is the final Luther Strode Phantom variant cover, as part of a hexatych, all six covers connecting together. Also, each sees a particular comics retailer getting physically abused in a rather upsetting way. Here's the combined image and the retailers under the cosh. #1 Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics #2 Steve Anderson of […]

Luther Strode VS Comic Book Retailers

Larry Doherty of Larry's Comics is behind the Phantom variant covers to which a number of retailers have signed up to receive. However some of them are doing more than just signing up. The first three issues of the new Luther Strode series have variant covers that see Chuck Rozanski of Mile High, Steve Anderson […]

Justin Jordan At NYCC: A Look! It Moves! Video

Adi Tantimedh writes for Bleeding Cool from the floor of NYCC; I'll be wandering around NYCC all weekend shooting scrappy little videos on my phone, interviewing creators and editors and generally paying attention to what I think deserves attention. First, here's a quick interview with Justin¬†Jordan, long-time friend from various forums, writing of THE ADVENTURES […]

Speculator Watch: The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode #1

Bleeding Cool broke the story of the details of one Strange Talent Of Luther Strode by Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore earlier in the year. And yesterday it was published by Image Comics. And the reviews have been extraordinary. "The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is one of the strongest first issues of the year, […]

New Luther Strode Art In Pre Order Promotion

Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you about the upcoming series from Image, The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode, as well as giving you preview pages – which didn't exactly make us friends at the publisher So I hope no one will get upset about us putting up this preorder image with unseen artwork […]