New York Toy Fair: Hasbro’s New Overwatch Figures Look Fantastic

Overwatch figures are coming this spring from Hasbro, and they look awesome. Featuring multiple points of articulation, great attention to detail in the sculpts, and very accurate accessories, these may be some of the better Overwatch figures that we see on the market. Many were shown to be coming today at the Hasbro presentation at […]

Overwatch’s Lúcio Gets a Breakfast Cereal and a New Album

You can now eat and hear that healing beat as Blizzard has released two new products around the Overwatch character Lúcio this week. First off, the company gave the character his own album this week called Synaesthesia Auditiva, which is a free album full of music that sounds a lot like what you already hear the character […]

Funko Collage

Funko Round-Up: Overwatch, MacGyver, Rick and Morty, Horror, and More!

Funko makes a lot of announcements every week. They put out an insane amount of product, and it can be difficult to keep up with. That is were we come in to help! Welcome to the Funko round-up, where we collect some of Funko’s announcements you may have missed and flew under the radar. This […]

Overwatch Makes a Few Character Updates in Latest Patch

The latest patch that Blizzard’s devs have thrown into Overwatch this weekend fixed more than a fair share of bugs in the game and added the Rialto map, but also added in some new changes to a few characters on the roster. You can read the full list of notes here, but we have the […]

Lucio, Mercy, & Zenyatta Get Some Changes In New ‘Overwatch’ Patch

Some of your favorite Overwatch healers got an update in the latest patch, nothing too terrible, and in some cases, a lovely bonus. First up, Lucio has been given the speed back to his wall ride, along with a 65% boost to Speed Boost after it has been completed. Mercy has been given a fix […]

Lúcio In The Spotlight As His Unique Game Play Comes To Heroes Of The Storm

Blizzard has released a new hero spotlight for Lúcio as he joins Heroes of the Storm from Overwatch. The character is unique in that his abilities can be both offensive and defensive. He plays one of two songs at all times. One gives a speed buff while the other a healing buff. But if you choose […]

Lúcio Joins Heroes Of The Storm PTR Next Week

Blizzard is teasing their next Heroes of the Storm playable character and this one comes from Overwatch. Lúcio, the DJ turned hero that uses sound weapons, joins the Nexus and will be available to play starting February 6th on the PTR (public test realm).