Lacuna Coil Batman

Batman Performs With Lacuna Coil -On Stage and In Comics

DC Comics has entered into a deal with Milan-based gothic heavy metal band Lacuna Coil, with two specific offshoots so far. The first is that Batman will appear on stage in their 2020 tour, in an officially licensed capacity. The second is that the Dark Nights: Metal series by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, currently […]

Lucca – It's Like Two San Diegos In One

Lucca Comics & Games is a comic con held in Italy. It's big. How big? Well, for the show two weeks ago, they sold 240,000 tickets with around 400,000 visiting the city for events around the show. Basically, that's two times San Diego. That's up from 218,000 and 380,000 last year… Fumettologica broke down some […]