Lucasfilm Orders Halt to Fan-Made Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

If you’re a fan of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and have been hoping to play a proper sequel or even a decent expansion, those dreams are pretty much dead. Poem Studios have been working on their own version called Apeiron, which is basically a fan-made project where it took the original Xbox game and […]

Star Wars Resistance Poster

Talking All Things Star Wars Resistance With Writer Brandon Auman

Star Wars Resistance premieres this weekend on the Disney Channel, and we recently got to chat to one of the writers and producer Brandon Auman about writing for the show, creating a new corner of the Star Wars universe, and more! Whats it like to work at Lucasfilm? Oh man. Its super exciting. Every day […]

Kathleen Kennedy Will Stay at LucasFilm for [at Least] 3 More Years

It would appear that LucasFilm has extended Kathleen Kenndy‘s company President contract for an additional 3 years, past whatever the existing limit was. The Hollywood Reporter says: Sources say that the near future of Star Wars lies in television with Kennedy-led Lucasfilm planning on expanding the universe with new characters in that medium. The shows at this stage […]

Star Wars Resistance Poster

Star Wars Resistance Debuts Action-Packed New Trailer

Lucasfilm has given us our best look yet at Star Wars Resistance, the brand new animated series debuting next week. This trailer gives us a really good idea of the tone and settings for the show, as well as an introduction to many of the new characters and familar places and their place in all […]

Fantastic Beasts’ Zoe Kravitz to Star in Disney’s High Fidelity Streaming Series

So it looks like Zoe Kravitz (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) will be putting her spin on a whole new generation of Top 5 lists, keeping it in the family (check out below) by joining Disney‘s updated romantic comedy series High Fidelity inspired by Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel and the 2000 feature adaptation for its upcoming streaming […]

Star Wars #50 cover by Travis Charest

Star Wars #50 Review: Hope Dies Around a Star

The Rebel Alliance finally has a fleet. With the help of the Mon Cal, the Rebels can now pose a genuine threat to the Empire. It is still miniscule in comparison to the Imperial armada, but, with precision and cunning, it could be enough to damage the Empire. The fleet is convened at Mako-Ta, where […]

Star Wars fan awards banner

The Star Wars Fan Awards: Details and Dates

Remember the days of the Star Wars fan film submissions and awards? Well, Lucasfilm is launching a more broad contest for fans that will include photos, visual arts, and of course, videos. Announced yesterday by, the new Fan Awards will be an expansion of the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. The site calls the awards […]

LucasFilm Source Says They’re Still Making Multiple Spinoff Films

This week has sure been a strange Kessel Run for Star Wars fans, but a source from inside Lucasfilm has assured ABC News (owned by Lucasfilm parent company Disney) that the already in process spinoff cosmic conflict films are NOT canceled. A report from Collider earlier this week alleged that due to poor box office reception of Solo: […]

Report Claims Star Wars Spinoff Films are “on Hold”

It seems like a week doesn’t go by without claims of something amiss in the Star Wars movie universe. From completely fabricated stories about LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy stepping down (she’s not, by the way) amid angry fan reaction to films like Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story, to today’s kyber gem. According to […]

Solo: A Star Wars Story Review – Above All Else, a Ton of Fun

Solo comes into a different fandom than the one that existed before it was announced — and that works to its benefit. Never has the fandom been more divided than it currently is, no way around that. The Last Jedi has its fans and its detractors, and coming off easily the most polarizing of the […]

Star Wars Black Series Collage

Solo Star Wars Black Series Reveals: Enfys Nest and L3-37!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now, and Hasbro has revealed two new Black Series figures to celebrate. Already a favorite with people who have seen the film, Enfys Nest is coming and bringing the Swoop Bike ridden in the film along. The figure uses soft goods and looks to have quite the […]

A Bunch of New Solo: A Star Wars Story Character Posters Just Dropped

Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming out in less than a month! This morning we got a look at nine new character posters for the film. Han Solo himself, Lando, Qi’Ra, Chewbacca, L3-37, Val, Beckett, Dryden, and Rio all get the spotlight. This feels like the first great look Thandie Newton‘s Val that I […]

New ‘Solo’ TV Spot Introduces Jon Favreau’s Character

There was a new tv spot for Solo: A Star Wars Story today, and although there isn’t anything super crazy awesome, we do get some more footage of the mysterious alien filmmaker Jon Favreau is playing. This most recent tv spot introduces Rio Durant- who may or may not be named after a fairly well known 80’s […]

solo: a star wars story

Not Surprising- We May Get A Han Solo Solo Movie Super Bowl Trailer

The upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story is a mystery, still, with only four months til it releases in theaters.  This is probably the strangest non-advertising campaign that Disney has done yet, the fact that the only OFFICIAL thing we’ve seen for the LucasFilm standalone title is the simple text lobby poster. An example- by this […]

Reed Morano

Reed Morano Could Be Star Wars’s First Female Director

The Handmaid’s Tale director Reed Morano could become the first woman to direct a Star Wars movie. According to a tease in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Morano had a two-and-a-half-hour meeting with Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy about an unnamed project, sparked by Kennedy’s appreciation for Morano’s work on the Hulu series. However, Morano joked […]

star wars rotten tomatoes

Mark Hamill Denies Disney Made Him Walk Back Last Jedi Criticism

Star Wars: The Last Jedi star Mark Hamill has denied accusations that someone at Disney or Lucasfilm made him walk back criticism of Luke Skywalker’s character in the movie. Hamill took to Twitter to set the record straight once and for all (this time, until the next time): I'm really enjoying the conversations about #TheLastJedi […]