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"Star Wars: Resistance Reborn" - Wedge Antilles Is Back! And #SpaceMarried

“Star Wars: Resistance Reborn” – Wedge Antilles Is Back! And #SpaceMarried

It’s time to put on your jumpsuit, grab your helmet, call your R2 unit, and warm up your X-Wing. Rogue Leader is back! Rebel hero and Resistance General Wedge Antilles is headed back to the Star Wars Universe. Del Rey Star Wars has announced that Wedge Antilles will be featured in Resistance Reborn, a Star Wars […]

Publishing a Galaxy Far Far Away

Publishing A Galaxy Far Far Away: Talking “Star Wars” Books At NYCC

Today at New York Comic-Con, Disney LucasFilm Publishing was on hand with nine of their authors to reveal more of what’s on the way book-wise. Bleeding Cool broke the news on of the new announcements earlier today, but the authors had plenty to say about their current projects.  Before talking about their books, each author […]

22 'Star Wars' Books Leading up to 'Rise of Skywalker' Are Coming!!

22 ‘Star Wars’ Books Leading up to ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Are Coming!!

Today is May the 4th, officially recognized as a celebration of Star Wars and all things from the galaxy far, far away. It’s also a great day for LucasFilm and Disney to announce some upcoming goodies- like the news that there will be a series of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker tie-in novels being released that […]

Star Wars – Grand Admiral Thrawn is Back in Thrawn: Treason

A Star Wars fan favorite is coming back. Today on The Star Wars Show it was announced that in 2019 Lucasfilm Publishing will release a third book in the highly acclaimed Thrawn series, authored by Timothy Zahn. In this third installment, Thrawn: Treason, Grand Admiral Thrawn, will be forced to choose between his adopted Empire […]

Lucasfilm Brings The Thunder With Their Publishing Panel At NYCC

Rich Epstein writes from New York Comic Con 2017: A long time ago (earlier this evening) in a galaxy far, far away (New York Comic Con), a dozen Star Wars writers got together to discuss their experiences, their love of Star Wars and their upcoming projects. We know what’s important, so we’ll skip ahead to […]