Lost In Space

Preview Of Irwin Allen's Lost In Space #1 From Original Teleplay From 60's Series

American Gothic Press is releasing a new comic series of Irwin Allen's Lost In Space. Unlike other comic adaptations of television series, the scripts for these comics come from two unproduced teleplays written by acclaimed television writer Carey Wilbur who worked on the television series as well as Star Trek, Rawhide and the Time Tunnel. […]

Throwback Video: Sci-Fi Channel in the 1990s

I remember how thrilled I was when the local cable company added The Sci-Fi Channel to its lineup. It meant I could watch old episodes of The Misfits of Science and a daily dose of Doctor Who long before I could hope to own all the extant episodes of the series. I'm not saying I […]

Lost In Space Reboot To Be Done By Dracula Untold Writers

Dracula Untold took in $1.3 million last night going into it's opening weekend. I'm sure that made Legendary Pictures and the writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless very happy as they work on their next project… which is reported as being a reboot of the Lost In Space franchise for television. They'll be working with Kevin Burns of […]