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Extended Red Sonja And Jennifer Blood – And Other Dynamite Previews

From Dynamite, hitting the stands tomorrow… RED SONJA #80 Brandon Jerwa (w) Sergio Fernandez Davila (a) Lucio Parrillo (c) FC • 40 pages • $4.99 • Teen+ In a final showdown on dark and stormy seas, everyone is at risk when Red Sonja's master plan goes awry! Will the She-Devil die without redemption? Will the dreaded […]

Lone Ranger Trailer Hints At A Time Travel Plot Line?

Disney have shown off the first footage from Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger and it looks pretty much as you'd expect. Same thing goes for Johnny Depp's Tonto voice – nothing surprising there either. The footage started with a shot of a western landscape, with the "camera" rushing forward and through a crack in a […]

Lone Ranger Way Over Schedule, Way Over Budget And Getting Rewritten

Once upon a time, Disney's The Lone Ranger movie wasn't going to get made because the big number at the bottom of the budget sheet was just too high. The studio worked to get that number down, and had soon cut things back enough that they were happy to turn on the green light. Now, a few […]

Ande Parks Commentary On Lone Ranger #6

Ande Parks, writer of Lone Ranger #6 writes for Bleeding Cool; Page One This issue deals with the aftermath of defeating Marshal Dorsey. It also hits the final notes on the themes of our Hard Country arc: that the Old West was a harsh environment in which to try to help people, and that the […]

Lone Ranger #4 And #5 Commentary By Ande Parks

Ande Parks writes for Bleeding Cool; Lone Ranger#4 Commentary Page One The end of issue three left Tonto for dead and, a few days later, the Lone Ranger about to be hung. Despite those cliffhangers, we open issue four with Agent Marle. I wanted to provide a little background on how the Ranger and Tonto […]