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Incidentals #5 cover by Sanford Greene

Catalyst Prime Incidentals #5 Review: Alex Gonna Give it to Ya

Detective Platte is reeling from the night before and is becoming aware that he may be developing extranormal abilities. To make things weirder, Markos shows up to recruit him into their unit. The team is setting out to rescue Alex, whom we see his being held against his will and experimented upon. I've been reading […]

SDCC '15: Industry Editors Provide An Insider View And Advice On Editing

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Correspondent Aspen Comics' Editor-in-Chief and VP Vince Hernandez moderated the panel Comic Industry Editorial Panel – 2015 and gathered together several editors together for an hour's opportunity where the audience could ask questions about the editorial process. Making up the panel of experts included Chris Ryall, IDW's Editor-in-Chief; Barbara Kesel, […]