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The Search is Over! Lindsay Lohan Wants to Play Batgirl

The hunt to find a Batgirl for the eponymous upcoming film can finally come to an end! Superstar actress Lindsay Lohan has thrown her name into the ring, asking her followers to retweet if they want her to play the titular hero. Already, 2,065 people and rising have said they agree, or 147.5 times the […]

Lindsay Lohan Petitions Disney To Play Ariel In Live Action Little Mermaid

A live action remake of Disney's The Little Mermaid is currently in the early stages of development, with Lin-Manuel Miranda attached to write some songs for it, but no one has any idea who will star in the film yet. Well, that's not exactly true. Lindsay Lohan has an idea about who should star in […]

Linda Lovelace Biopic – Lindsay Lohan Out, Malin Akerman In, Spin Happens

Matthew Wilder has been planning Inferno, his Linda Lovelace* biopic for some years now, and Lindsay Lohan had been attached to star for a good long while. Filming was regularly stalled, however, as Ms. Lohan took detours to rehab, the courtroom and prison. For all of that time, Wilder publicly stood by his star, but […]