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Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon Will Quit Cabinet to Chair Trump Super PAC

Pro wrestling moguls Vince and Linda McMahon were amongst the biggest donors to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and when the dust settled and the WWE Hall-of-Famer was elected, Linda McMahon was rewarded with a spot on the Cabinet as the head of the Small Business Administration. McMahon will now step down from that role, […]

Donald Trump’s Champion, Bobby Lashley, Returns to WWE

After a ten-year absence, Bobby Lashley made his return to WWE on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Lashley interrupted Elias as he was attempting to sing a song about how all the people in New Orleans are scumbags, hoisting Elias into the air and holding him there for roughly fifteen minutes before finally slamming […]

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Trump Ally Jesse Ventura Blasts Late American Sniper Chris Kyle After Settling Lawsuit

Former pro wrestler, Minnesota governor, Vladimir Putin-backed Russian TV star, and Donald Trump ally Jesse Ventura obtained a settlement in his defamation lawsuit against Harper Collins for comments made by Chris Kyle in his autobiography, American Sniper. Kyle, the deadliest sniper in the history of the U.S. military who passed away in 2013, said he punched […]

Linda McMahon

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon Caught Up In Trump “Opulence” Scandal

Former WWE CEO and current head of President Donald Trump‘s Small Business Administration, Linda McMahon, has been caught up in a minor scandal surrounding the use of government resources to promote the Trump brand. According to Austin Evers, the director of watchdog group American Oversight, efforts of the SBA to hide Trump logos and “opulence” […]

Report: Pro-Trump Views Of WWE Wrestler Big Cass Lead To Locker Room Heat

WWE Superstar Big Cass may have “heat” in the locker room due to his love of President Donald Trump. According to rumors from Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cass is a big fan of the POTUS, much to the chagrin of his pro-wrestling colleagues, while former partner Enzo has reportedly earned the ire of his […]

Donald Trump Launches Subscription Box So Marvel Fans Can Give Him Money Directly

Are you a Marvel fan who is tired of slowly funneling money to Donald Trump’s political career over the course of many years by purchasing Marvel products and services? Perhaps you’re a fan of DC superhero movies like Suicide Squad or Fox’s X-Men films, or even the highest-grossing movie of all time, Avatar. Or maybe […]

Lego Batman Causes Trouble For Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

If you prefer your executive branch of government loaded with fat cats from the comics, entertainment, and pro wrestling industry, than WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump is the president for you. Advising Trump on veterans’ healthcare is Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter, who has donated millions of dollars to Trump’s campaign. Linda McMahon, former CEO of […]

Dems Block Confirmation Of Suicide Squad Producer Turned Trump Cabinet Appointee Steve Mnuchin With Boycott

Score one for Marvel in the battle for political influence! Senate Democrats boycotted a committee vote to confirm Trump cabinet appointees Steve Mnuchin (Secretary of Treasury) and Tom Price (Secretary of Healthcare) today, effectively preventing either candidate from moving to to full vote and blocking any progress toward their confirmation, at least temporarily. Former Goldman Sachs exec […]

WWE Star Booker T Hasn’t Chosen Party For Mayoral Run, Praises Donald Trump

Retired pro wrestler and 2020 Houston mayoral candidate Booker T hasn’t yet decided which party he’ll run under, according to an appearance on the podcast of former WCW head Eric Bischoff as transcribed by 411 Wrestling. Talking about choosing a party, the five time… five time… five time… five time… five time… oh wait, it’s […]

Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Is Now A Cop

Ever since WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, the pro wrestling industry has been seizing more and more positions of power throughout the U.S. government. First, there was the appointment of former WWE CEO Linda McMahon as the head of Trump’s Small Business Association, actually one of the […]

Trump Administration Spot For WWE’s Linda McMahon “Likely” Says Politico

When Bleeding Cool reported last month that former WWE CEO Linda McMahon was being considered for a position in President Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet, even we only half-heartedly believed it could be true. However, while it looks like a spot as Commerce Secretary, as originally rumored, is no longer on the table, Politico reports that McMahon is under […]