LGBTQ characters

Tales From The Four Color Closet – Midnighter: The Hero We Need!

By Joe Glass This week has seen the release of the first DC comic headlined by a gay male lead, in the form of Midnighter by Steve Orlando, Aco and Romulo Fajardo Jr. Midnighter is of course an existing character, albeit one who’s gone through some changes since the New 52 came around. In the […]

The Difficulties Of Criticizing Kaptara

By Jason Karlson It’s safe to assume that like a lot of folks I was equally intrigued and excited when Chip Zdarsky, already writing Howard the Duck for Marvel, announced he would be writing another series of his own creation, Kaptara, co-created with artists Kagan McLeod. Billed as “gay Saga” and boasting an outlandish setting […]

Tales From The Four Color Closet – Steven Universe: Made Of Love

By Joe Glass There’s a little show on the Cartoon Network that is working wonders for diversity, representation and crossing gender barriers, and it does it with such casual ease that it leaves you wondering why on earth it has taken us until now to see such a thing. That show is called Steven Universe, […]